Israel-Hamas war: Netanyahu buries the war cabinet – L’Express

Israel Hamas war Netanyahu buries the war cabinet – LExpress

In Israel, the government of national unity ended up exploding after long weeks of political dissension. A spokesperson for the office of the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, confirmed this Monday, June 17, the dissolution of the war cabinet, created after the unprecedented attack of October 7 carried out by the Palestinian movement Hamas in Israel.

Israeli media reported earlier Monday that the prime minister announced the dissolution of the core group at a security cabinet meeting on Sunday, following the resignation last week of centrist Benny Gantz.

The security firm takes over

David Mencer, a spokesperson for Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, confirmed the dissolution of the war cabinet, specifying that the security cabinet would make “decisions on issues relating to the war.” “The war cabinet was a prerequisite for the creation of this government of national unity […] With the departure of Benny Gantz from the government, the cabinet is no longer necessary, its functions will be taken over by the security cabinet,” David Mencer said during a press briefing.

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The security cabinet, which includes nine ministers in addition to Benjamin Netanyahu, is now the main body making decisions relating to the war with Hamas. Benny Gantz, leader of the National Union party (center), left the government coalition earlier in June, taking with him Gadi Eisenkot, who like him is a former army chief. According to commentators, this dissolution is also intended to pull the rug out from under the far-right ministers Ben Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich who wanted to participate in the war cabinet since the start of the conflict.

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This Monday, Israel carried out strikes on the northern Gaza Strip, and witnesses reported explosions in the south, but the situation there is relatively calmer after the Israeli army reported a “break” in a southern sector. This pause, the announcement of which coincided on Sunday with the first day of the Muslim festival of sacrifice, is supposed to facilitate the delivery into the Palestinian territory of humanitarian aid, which Gazans sorely need after eight months of war. devastating conflict between Israel and the Islamist movement Hamas.