Ismail Abdo’s mother was murdered – here is the indictment

Ismail Abdos mother was murdered here is the indictment

Updated 08.10 | Published 08.10



Today, charges are expected after the murder of Ismail Abdo’s mother.

She was shot to death through an open window in her home in Uppsala.

The murder became the starting point for a massive wave of violence and a war between Abdo and Rawa Majid.

The prosecutor in the aforementioned case has called a press conference at 10 a.m. on Thursday. He is expected to announce that he has filed charges in the case where Ismail Abdo’s mother was murdered on September 7 last year. Abdo, who in network circles is also known as “The Strawberry Man”, avenged the murder, which led to an enormously brutal spiral of violence.

Five people suspected

“The preliminary investigation concerns murder, aiding and abetting murder, aggravated weapons offense and aggravated weapons offences. A total of five people are currently suspects in the investigation,” writes the Public Prosecutor’s Office in a press release.

The woman was shot in her home in Uppsala on the night of September 7 last year. The shooter must have shot through a window that was ajar. Foxtrot network leader Rawa Majid allegedly ordered the assassination as part of the conflict with his former ally Ismail Abdo.

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