is the caesarized film based on a true story?

is the caesarized film based on a true story

UNTIL CUSTODY. Awarded four times at the Caesar, Until the Guard plunges the viewer into the heart of a family torn apart by marital violence. But is it inspired by a real news item?

[Mis à jour le 24 novembre 2021 à 20h50] To make the spectator aware of domestic violence, Xavier Legrand decided to put his spectator under tension in Until the Guard. A successful bet since the film won four awards at the 2019 César, including best film and best original screenplay. Because contrary to appearances, this is a fiction and not a drama inspired by a true story … At least in detail.

Until custody is indeed based on the lived reality of victims of domestic violence. The director researched a family court judge, spoke to lawyers and police officers familiar with the issues, as well as groups of violent men. A quasi-documentary work in order to better serve the painful subject of the film. The Ministry of the Interior also recalled on November 22 that domestic violence increased by 20% in France during the year 2020, with 102 women killed under the blows of their companion.

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Until the Guard is a French drama written and directed by Xavier Legrand who previously signed the short film “Before everything to lose” which received numerous awards, notably at the Clermont-Ferrand Festival. In the cast, Denis Ménochet (“La Danseuse”), Léa Drucker (“News from the planet Mars”), Jean-Claude Leguay (the TV series “La source”), Jean-Marie Winling (“Marseille”) and Florence Janas (“Trepalium”). At the 44th César ceremony, Till Guard won four awards: best film, best actress for Léa Drucker, best original screenplay and best editing.

Synopsis -Miriam and Antoine are in the middle of a divorce. The mother accuses her husband of violence against her son, Julien, and claims sole custody. However, the family court judge decides by taking the father’s side. The young boy finds himself torn by his parents in shared custody.