is it the sequel to the Bazar de la Charité?

is it the sequel to the Bazar de la Charite

THE TF1 FIGHTERS. Les Combattantes is a historical series of TF1 by the creators of the Bazar de la Charité, broadcast from September 19, 2022.

[Mis à jour le 19 septembre 2022 à 20h45] Les Combattantes is THE back-to-school event series. TF1 is broadcasting the first episodes of this historic series this Monday, September 19, 2022, at 9:10 p.m. The public will be able to discover the fate of four women devastated by the First World War, in a village in the east of France. Despite appearances, this is not the sequel to Charity Bazaar: the characters are not the same, although the plot takes place a few years later and the main actresses are back. However, the two historical series are still linked.

Les Combattantes is indeed created by the same people. In production, we therefore find Iris Bucher, and in direction, Alexandre Laurent. They had indeed approached TF1 to carry out a project similar to the first series, featuring the same trio of actresses: Audrey Fleurot (Marguerite), Julie de Bona (Agnès) and Camille Lou (Suzanne).

Like its big sister, Les Combattantes puts a historical event into perspective from the point of view of women. We will thus follow the journey of a Parisian prostitute who is suspected of being a spy, the wife of a business manager who has gone to the front, the mother superior of a requisitioned convent and a nurse on the run. . Alongside the Bazar de la Charité trio, we also find Sofia Essaidi in the role of Caroline. Viewers will also recognize Sandrine Bonnaire, Tchéky Karyo, Laurent Gerra, Tom Leeb, , Tom Leeb, Yannick Choirat, Grégoire Colin, Maxence Danet-Fauvel, Vincent Rottiers, Florence Loiret-Caille, Eden Ducourant and Mikaël Mittelstadt.

Synopsis – September 1914. The First World War began several weeks ago. In a small village in the east of France, four women find themselves directly or indirectly involved in the conflict: Marguerite, a Parisian prostitute, is suspected of being a spy; Caroline, wife of an entrepreneur who has gone to the front, has to take over as head of her husband’s car factory; Agnès, mother superior, sees her convent requisitioned and transformed into a military hospital; Suzanne, a young nurse, is on the run following an abortion that went wrong.

  • Audrey Fleurot: Marguerite
  • Julie de Bona as Agnes
  • Camille Lou: Suzanne
  • Sofia Essaidi: Caroline
  • Sandrine Bonnaire : Eleanor Dewitt
  • Tcheky Karyo: General Duvernet
  • Laurent Gerra: Abbé Vautrin
  • Tom LeebJoseph Duvernet
  • Yannick ChoiratMarcel Dumont
  • Gregoire ColinCharles Dewitt
  • Vincent Rottiers as Lucien Charrier
  • Florence Loiret-Caille: Yvonne Dumont
  • Maxence Danet-Fauvel: Colin de Renier
  • Eden Ducourant: Juliet
  • Pascal Houdus: Till
  • Marie Mallia: Sister Genevieve
  • Mikael Mittelstadt as Gus
  • Catherine Artigala as Germaine

Les Combattantes is a TF1 series broadcast from September 19, 2022. Every Monday, two episodes are offered on the first channel from 9:10 p.m. The last episode should be broadcast on October 10, 2022. If you missed an episode, don’t panic, since they are put online for streaming replay the next day, on the MyTF1 platform. Streaming platform subscribers somersault can also view a preview episode each week.

Les Combattantes is broadcast on Mondays on TF1. But it is also possible to see the program in streaming. First, when it is broadcast on TV, by going to the MyTF1 site. All you need is a free account and click on the direct tab to follow the retransmission of the episode in real time. It is also possible to watch the last episode of Les Combattantes in replay streaming on the MyTF1 site, the day after its broadcast. Finally, note that the series is available on the subscription platform Salto: the first episode is already accessible in preview for all those who are subscribers. After its broadcast on TF1, Les Combattantes will also be streamed on Netflix.

Les Combattantes is a historical series that immerses viewers in the midst of the First World War. Through its sets, its costumes and its strong historical roots, the series is undoubtedly inspired by a true story, History with a capital H. However, the protagonists are not inspired by characters who really existed… Even if this happens to them and their intrigues may have happened for some people of the time.

Les Combattantes is one of the most expensive PAF series currently broadcast. Indeed, to reconstruct the sets, the costumes, and the period in which the series is set, but also to pay the members of the team, the budget of Les Combattantes amounted to 20 million euros for the eight episodes. In comparison, Le Bazar de la Charité had cost 17 million euros to produce.

Les Combattantes is a series created by the same team as the Bazar de la Charité. Like its big sister before it, the new fiction of TF1 will end after this salvo of eight episodes. There will therefore be no season 2, in which we could find Marguerite, Agnès, Suzanne and Caroline. However, the Bazar de la Charité et des Combattantes team is preparing a third installment, which will once again take place in a new historical period and with new characters. Audrey Fleurot has also indicated to TF1 that she would like it to take place in “Ancient Greece, in the interwar period or in the 18th century.”