Is Grand Theft Auto 6 Really Bad?

After years of excitement, fans are finally here this weekend. Grand Theft Auto 6They got the chance to take a look at .

In the dead of night on Saturday, a user on GTAForums posted a message: 90 videos from an early build of Grand Theft Auto 6. On Monday morning, Rockstar released one of the clips. stolen as a result of “network intrusion” stating, the authenticity of the clips confirmed to the public.

The developer states that the violation is on the project. There will be no “long-term impact” He said he was disappointed that his creators came out in such a way.

While perhaps not much will change for the development cycle of Grand Theft Auto 6, the leaked images are already some heated reactions and discussions triggered. Some complained about the appearance of the unfinished structure.

While it’s been a wish list of what players have wanted to see in the game for years, they now have certain expectations. a video, a fast food restaurant of the game’s two protagonists depicts an armed robbery in his hand. While somewhat promising, it was lauded by most critics.

with the developerr disappointed, A potentially exciting moment for fans has faded and now everyone has skewed expectations for the final product. Although the ten-year expectation of fans may change somewhat, we hope GTA does its best for a better gaming experience.