Is drinking ginger juice every morning bad for your health?

Is drinking ginger juice every morning bad for your health

In a shot or diluted in water, ginger juice helps detoxify the body, digest better and even lose weight.

In “one shot” or diluted in water, the juice of ginger is more and more trendy. This drink is pure concentrated ginger juiceobtained by juice extraction of the rhizome (the root) of fresh ginger. Thanks to its virtues detoxifying And anti-inflammatoriesginger boosts immunity and provides vitamin CA, iron, and zinc, which makes it a good anti-fatigue ally. It is also a powerful antioxidant that helps fight free radicals. It therefore protects our cells against oxidative stress, detoxifies the bodypromotes digestion and boosts fat elimination, which would help you lose weight. On paper, ginger juice has it all, but how can you use it safely? As with everything, it is never a good idea to over-consume anything”immediately warns our expert Mélodie Dewever Cesari, certified naturopath, specialized in nutrition, and founder of the Instagram account @insideoutbymelodie.

“It’s like lemon juice in morning water”

We try a lot to include things in our daily lives without our body demanding it.. “Take the example of lemon juice. in water in the morning: many of my clients tell me “I drink lemon juice in the morning, it seems that it is good for the detox“. But you should know that as part of a healthy and balanced life our body is very well made and that it detoxifies itself without anyone’s help. However, at certain times in life – for example in cases dietary imbalance, significant stress, festive meals or too many dinners – the body may need a little help to eliminate toxins. It is in these cases that it may be interesting to do a daily juice cleanse ginger a little before, during and a little after these moments“, she advises. Ideally between 7 and 10 days and maximum 2-3 weeks, but especially not continuously over several months or throughout the year, because overconsumption of ginger juice can lead to digestive disorders And acidification of the stomach.

What is the best time of day to drink it?

In the morning, after a very large glass of waterit’s the ideal way to start the day well and restart the digestive system at rest overnight“, replies our interlocutor. It is also possible to drink it as a preventive or curative (at the moment) in case of nausea or headaches (ginger has anti-nausea and anti-pain properties). To promote digestionwe’ll drink it instead before a meal. On the other hand, we avoid it in the evening because ginger is a stimulant and can interfere with falling asleep.

Pure or diluted in water?

It all depends on your sensitivityindicates the naturopath. The taste of ginger may be a little strong for some. You must therefore adjust your intake according to your preferences without overwhelming your palate: a small shot pure or diluted in water“. In summary, it’s either you take one shot per day (generally the packaging of a shot is 60 ml per bottle) or a volume of ginger juice (approximately 50-60ml) diluted in 9 volumes of water, to take throughout the morning for example.

► The shot is ready to use and allows, as its name suggests, to take a shot of active ingredients in a concentrated manner, it is therefore more efficient.

► Dilution softens the taste and “dilutes” the assets a littleit is a little less effective.

“Ready to drink” shots are sold commercially (supermarkets, organic stores, organic grocery stores on the internet) such as Jus Paf, Dame Gingembre or Ginger Shot and are often mixed with lemon (be careful, some contain sugar or honey ). Also, ginger juice can be packaged in large glass bottles (Gimber, Vitamont, etc.) to be diluted in water. In any case, ideally choose a product pure and organic, cold pressed, no added sugar, no preservatives or additives.

Contraindicated in whom?

Generally speaking, there are no particular contraindications, except for people who are taking medication (anticoagulants for example) or suffering from chronic disorders (diabetes, digestive disorders, hypertension, depression, etc.) because there may be undesirable interactions, indicates the expert. In these cases, it is advisable to be accompanied by a health professional.