Irina, 60, left note at Putin’s family grave – sentenced

Irina Tsybaneva, 60, was given a two-year suspended prison sentence by a court in Saint Petersburg after “desecrating” Putin’s family tomb.
“You raised a despicable murderer,” reads the note left on the parents’ grave.

It was last October that pensioner Irina Tsybaneva, according to the court, left a note on Putin’s family grave at the Serafimovskoe cemetery in Saint Petersburg, Russian Independent reports Novaya Gazeta.

“Parents of the madman, please take him, he causes so much pain and trouble,
the whole world is praying for his death. Death to Putin, you raised a despicable murderer,” the note allegedly read.

Irina was arrested and placed under house arrest, later she was also forbidden to visit the cemetery.

Followed the reporting on the war

In court, the woman says that she watched television coverage of the war in Ukraine, and realized that “things were terrible”, writes the newspaper.

Now a court in Saint Petersburg has sentenced the woman to a two-year suspended prison sentence, because the note is considered to motivate “political hatred”.

Irina Tsybaneva herself has admitted that she placed the note on the grave, but disagrees with the motive. She also pointed out that the note was rolled up in a small tube which did not “attract any attention”.

Irina Tsybaneva is one of a number of Russians who have faced legal action after Russia tightened censorship laws during the invasion of Ukraine.