Iran warned Russia before the concert act in Moscow

The terrorist attack on March 22 was the deadliest attack in Russia in 20 years. At least 144 people were killed.

Now three sources tell the Reuters news agency that the country was warned of a possible attack.

“In the days before the attack in Russia, Tehran shared information with Moscow about a possible major terrorist attack in Russia obtained during interrogation of those arrested in connection with deadly bombings in Iran,” a source said.

No exact time or intended goal should have been revealed. However, they suggested that suspected terrorists may have already entered the country, according to the data

Putin dismissed the US warning

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry said it had arrested 35 people linked to the bombings that killed nearly 100 people.

According to US intelligence sources, it was IS-Khorasan that carried out the attacks in Iran. The same branch of the terrorist organization IS has claimed responsibility for the concert in Moscow.

The US also warned Russia of “imminent plans” to attack crowds the same week as the attack – something Vladimir Putin dismissed as “provocative”.