Iran strongly warns against any US attack on its positions in Syria

Iran strongly warns against any US attack on its positions

Iran has issued a warning to the United States against any attack on its positions in Syria, after several days of tensions between American forces and pro-Iranian fighters in this country.

With our correspondent in Tehran, Siavosh Ghazi

We will respond to any attack against the bases that were created at the request of the Syrian government to fight against terrorism and the Islamic State group said the spokesman for Iran’s Supreme National Security Council.

This is the first time that an Iranian official has issued such a warning to the United States.

Pro-Iranian fighters were killed in US airstrikes in eastern Syria overnight from Thursday to Friday March 24. This operation was carried out in response to a drone attack that killed an American and injured six others.

US President Joe Biden has said Washington is not seeking conflict with Iran, but will respond forcefully to any attack.

Iranian groups and their allies, who are fighting alongside the regime in Damascus, are strongly established in these regions near the border with Iraq, which constitute an important crossing point for arms bound for Syria.

The drone attack took place at midday on Thursday against a maintenance facility at a US base near Al-Hasakah.

Tension has risen a notch between Tehran and Washington in Syria as the Chief of Staff of the American Armed Forces affirmed that Iran could produce enough material for the production of atomic weapons in two weeks, and could make a bomb in a few months.

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