iPratico at Sigep 2023 presents the latest news to improve the user experience

iPratico at Sigep 2023 presents the latest news to improve

(Tiper Stock Exchange) – Sigep 2023 has offered to iPractical, a technological company specializing in the food service sector, the opportunity to present all its innovations, aimed at the speed, practicality and efficiency of the service rendered to the customer and the consequent improvement of the user experience. He spoke about it in an interview with Finance Dominic Palmisano, Founder & CEO of iPratico. A Formula 1 car on display inside the stand as a backdrop.

iPratico shows up at Sigep 2023 with a Formula 1 car. Why?

“I believe that 2022 has bequeathed us a couple of very important concepts: that of speed and that of energy. The speed with which the market conditions may changethe contexts in which companies operate can be completely revolutionized and, consequently, the same speed is needed to adjust to change“.

“Regarding the energy it doesn’t just mean gas or oil, energy must be what we seek within ourselves, to bring to companies, to face change, overcome obstacles and turn problems into opportunities. We felt that a Formula 1 car was the perfect synthesis to represent this concept of speed and energy for companies at this fair.”

So more concretely, what are the products that embody this ideal of power and speed?

“As for speed in cateringthis is closely related to quality of service. Customers have become increasingly demanding and, in their customer experience, the moment of payment is the most delicate one. We can make them eat very well or offer them an excellent drink, but if we then make them wait too long at the table for the bill or worse, we force them to queue at the cash desk, we will have ruined everything and their memory of the experience they had in our restaurant will be negative “.

“On the subject of digital paymentswhich have recently become very topical, we have worked a lot in recent months to
present our latest news at this show. The payment service is made up of two important components: the technological one, which must guarantee the security and certainty of the transaction; the experiential one which must make its use very comfortable”.

“To ensure maximum security and certainty of the transactioniPratico has integrated the payment services of its Worldline partners, European leader in acquiring services. As for the user experience of users, however, iPratico presents a solution multichanneltailor-made on the different needs of customers: from payments for online orders for home deliveries or take aways to payments within the premises”.

The goal is speed and, in this regard, the possibility of customers to being able to pay directly from the table without having to go through the cash register. It is sufficient to frame with the camera of the Smartphone a QR Codes positioned on the table to be able to view the bill, possibly share it with the diners, pay it with any form of payment and automatically receive the tax receipt or invoice directly into the phone. This way you avoid wasting time at the till, save paper printing and offer a service that is particularly appreciated by customers. In developing this feature we made use of our own Epson partnersthe world’s leading manufacturer of POS printers”.

TED instead it is the all-in-one terminal that allows a waiter to take your order at the table, receive payment with
all payment instruments, even the most innovative such as Satispay, and issue the receipt or invoice wherever it is, even in this case, without having to go to the cash desk”.

Finally also eliminate the queues to the totemsreplacing them here too with a QR that allows you to place the order and pay directly from your phone, saving the cost of the totem for the restaurateur and the queue for the customer.

“As regards theenergy to be transmitted to those who work in the world of catering we have FitBiz: This is a motivational app which allows you to assign each employee goals and help him reach them, with some notifications who intervene exactly when it can make a difference, such as when one is at a table collecting orders or at the
counter to serve breakfast and aperitifs”.

“Last but not list, with the pandemic all sorts of digital menus have spread. Also in this case iPratico presents the new generation of digital menusable to show the customer the products during the order in virtual or augmented reality so offer an immersive and distinctive experience, able to amaze customers.

“For this fair we have coined one slogan which is particularly topical: ‘The world is changing too fast to keep up with it. we are ahead’“.