iPhone SE 4 can be installed on a 60 Hz OLED screen

Panel manufacturers for the iPhone SE 4 have started negotiations

has been on the agenda for a long time iPhone SE 4 The model made a splash once again today. For the phone this time it’s about the screen There is information.

According to the latest information obtained from Apple’s supply chain, it is thought to be officially launched and offered for sale in mid-2025. iPhone SE 4 model, which is also used directly on the iPhone 13 A 60 Hz OLED screen can be installed on it. For a long time It is being prepared with an iPhone XR body It was said that the telephone call was canceled or seriously postponed for a while. Later, it was said by reliable sources that the device was brought back to the table. The phone, which is currently under development, has been modified according to some claims made last year. It may be based on the iPhone 14 body And It may house a display notch for Face ID. Contrary to some rumors, the phone will not carry Touch ID. USB-C port and will most likely have the same port as the one on the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. It will also bring the action button. a single one behind 48 megapixel wide angle camera This curious iPhone, which is allegedly focused on price-performance, does not seem to be equipped with the first 5G modem signed by Apple due to some problems, but this is not clear. Things aren’t going so well with Apple’s own 5G modem.


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