iPhone 16 Series Prototype Revealed!

iPhone 16 Series Prototype Revealed

Approaching Apple iPhone 16 New details about the series continue to come to light. For example, so far iPhone 16It turns out that the ‘s shutter may have DSLR-like functionality; We also heard some details about the processor and camera. Now, a prototype has emerged, showing the iPhone 16 a completely new design and this design change was made five years ago iPhone 11 Pro It marks the end of an era that began with. Here are the details…

The design of iPhones is undoubtedly one of the most criticized aspects of Apple. The company generally avoids significant changes and sticks to a similar design language for several years; This causes consumers to comment that it is “the same phone” despite significant performance improvements.

According to the latest information, Apple may receive similar reactions with the iPhone 16 this year and may be disappointing in terms of design It is suggested. However, future models will have a new design for the rear cameras and The two diagonal lenses will be replaced by two vertical camera lenses. It is understood.

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An image of the alleged iPhone 16 prototype was shared on Twitter. Contrary to popular belief, major design changes are expected for the iPhone 16 prototype. For example, recent claims suggested that the iPhone 16 Pro would increase in size, but it seems that the Pro Max model may not have any size increase. Although exact measurements are not available, there are signs that there may be a small increase.

However, the most important change is undoubtedly On iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus models will happen. Apple will give up the diagonally aligned camera design in the upper right corner this year. Instead, it will return to the camera layout we are familiar with from the iPhone X and iPhone 11. While this won’t change much for most users, it will disappoint those with high expectations for design.

However, it must be admitted that it is not possible to make a serious design change on a phone that is released every year and whose front side is completely covered with a screen. iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro Max will have a similar appearance in terms of camera. However, they will also be renewed in terms of design, thanks to the new button layout.