iPhone 16 Pro looks like it will be equipped with a “tetraprism”

iPhone 16 Pro looks like it will be equipped with

Like the iPhone 16 Pro and 15 Pro Max, which will be released in September 2024 “tetraprism” like to be equipped with looks.

by Apple September 12 introduced on iPhone 15 While his family remains on the agenda, today will come once again in 2024 iPhone 16 Pro Some information made a splash. According to recent allegations Zoom ratio on 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max cameras will be equal to (This still weighs heavily) or the zoom ratio in 16 Pro Max will be increased slightly by offering 5 times zoom in 16 Pro. If you missed it, it was recently introduced iPhone 15 Pro Max The model offers higher optical zoom than the 15 Pro. Behind this newly passed 5x zoom level is a standard “periscope” by Apple, not the camera infrastructure “tetraprism” There is a system called . Apple itself officially explains this system as follows: “Meet the state-of-the-art tetraprism design. This design, which has a complex glass structure under the lens, allows the light to travel further in the same area as it reflects the rays four times. Thus, you have a new focal length that will broaden your horizons. We pioneered the industry by developing 3D sensor-based optical image stabilization and an autofocus module that moves in three directions to support the tetraprism design. Thanks to our most advanced stabilization system to date, twice as many micro-adjustments as before are possible.”