iOS 18 and more introduced: “Apple Intelligence era!”

iOS 18 and more introduced Apple Intelligence era

One of the world’s largest technology companies apple, It introduced the iOS 18 operating system and more as part of the WWDC24 event. “Apple Intelligence” period started.


Some really big announcements were made at Apple’s long-awaited WWDC24 event. Everyone’s eyes were, of course, on iOS 18, the new operating system of iPhones, but Apple also introduced important innovations for other operating systems. Let’s take a look at all the innovations unveiled at the WWDC24 event, where productive artificial intelligence technologies are at the center:

-WWDC24 first started with the new visionOS, the operating system of Apple Vision Pro, which is not sold in Turkey. visionOS 2 The new operating system called It comes with a nice feature that adds depth to normal photos. In this way, every photo can be turned into a “Spatial Photo”.

-With visionOS 2, new manual control gestures come, in addition to this, the new operating system includes two It can bring the 4K screen side by side in a virtual environment. Here we offer users a huge virtual monitor with ultra wide angle is offered, this virtual monitor as you can see below It can surround the person wearing Vision Pro.

-Apple Vision Pro, which is currently sold only in the USA, will be sold in eight different countries, including Turkey, in the coming months.

-After VisionOS 2, iOS 18 was introduced.

-With iOS 18, icons on the home screen can now be positioned wherever you want. Now, when dark mode is activated, application icons switch to dark mode. Additionally, all application icons can be made to appear in a single selected color.

-Control center is also changing in iOS 18. New control groups or slideable Home controls are coming for media playback. New customization options are also offered.

-Flash and camera shortcuts on the lock screen can be changed in iOS 18.

-Desired applications can be hidden in iOS 18. Hidden applications are placed in a locked file. At the same time, applications can be locked to protect them with a password.

-You can now schedule messages to be sent later in the messages app in iOS 18. At the same time, messages (SMS support is also available) can be sent via satellite on supported iPhones. Apple also offers new text effects to people.

-Mail app in iOS 18 gains category support. At the same time, messages coming from the same place are brought together with a stylish interface.

-The Maps app in iOS 18 now includes topographic images.

-Sending money to nearby people becomes easier in the Wallet application in iOS 18. Here, a new generation AirDrop-like infrastructure is used where iPhones are contacted.

-After macOS, “Game Mode” comes to iOS 18. When this mode is turned on, game performance is increased by reducing background activity. AirPods latency is also reduced in gaming mode.

-Photos app in iOS 18 is being renewed. The interface becomes simpler, and the collections feature automatically groups important content.

-With iOS 18, RCS support is offered, larger icons can be placed on the home screen.

-Siri and AirPods support gets stronger in iOS 18. Siri can be given a “yes” or “no” command with head movements.

-A new “Sound Isolation” feature is coming to AirPods Pro. This feature eliminates background noise. iOS 18 also brings “Spatial Audio” support for games.

-A feature called InSight is coming to Apple TV+. This feature shows players and music in real-time from content such as Amazon Prime video.

-The new operating system of Apple Watches, watchOS 11, was announced. The release introduces a new “training load” metric to track sports intensity. Here, a special algorithm is used for a general evaluation.

-Bringing customization to the “Summary” screen in the Fitness application connected to Apple Watch on iPhone, Apple offers a new application called “Vital Values” with watchOS 11. This application provides a summary of the most important vital data in the body and provides information in adverse situations.

New Apple Watch widgets are available with watchOS 11. The toolkits brought together in the interface are powered by “Live Activities”.

-watchOS 11 introduces a workout linking feature so you can let your friend or family know that you’ve finished your night run safely and returned home safely.

-iPadOS 18 was officially introduced. The version that brings the home screen customizations in iOS 18 adds a menu at the top of the screen that makes it easier to switch between different applications or different windows within the application.

-In iPadOS 18, text can be written on the screen to be shown to the other party during video calls, or the iPad can be controlled remotely if desired.

-With iPadOS 18, an official calculator for iPads is finally available. This advanced calculator detects calculations written on the screen with Apple Pencil and solves them in real time, and can prepare different graphs/tables from what is written. Apple, which brought the calculator very late but prepared a good solution, seems to please the students in this regard.

With iPadOS 18, the Notes application can also detect mathematical content like the calculator application. The Notes application also now detects and learns people’s writing styles with its “Smart Script” feature and can apply them to normal texts.

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-macOS Sequoia was announced. Apple brought the innovations of the Notes application on iOS/iPadOS to macOS. With Sequoia, it truly connects iPhones to Macs. iPhones can now be controlled wirelessly from Macs. You can interact with iPhone notifications on macOS, and in this mode, even the sounds of iPhones are transferred to macOS. During this process, iPhones remain locked.

-In video calls in macOS Sequoia, only selected content is transferred to the other party and virtual backgrounds can be created.

As part of the macOS Sequoia promotion, a special password management application called “Passwords” was announced.

-Safari on macOS Sequoia is touted as the world’s fastest browser. Safari now shows the most important content on the page under the “Highlights” menu, and can also summarize pages with a single click.

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-More games will come to macOS with the new Game Porting Toolkit 2 tool introduced with macOS Sequoia. For example, Assassin’s Creed Shadows, set in Japan, will also be available for macOS when it is released. In addition, the highly anticipated game can also be played on iPads.

-Developer betas of the new operating systems introduced at WWDC24 will be released today.

-It’s time for the “Apple Intelligence” era at WWDC24. Apple has officially stepped into the world of productive artificial intelligence.

-Apple Intelligence infrastructure, which covers iPhone, iPad and macOS, will look at iPhone notifications and highlight the important ones. The system that can summarize the articles will allow the production of visuals from what is written. Different image formats will be offered here, all of these features will be available in all Apple applications.

Apple Intelligence infrastructure will be able to detect and execute complex commands.

-Apple Intelligence will analyze the data/information in all Apple-signed applications, but will do it securely. This infrastructure will run on A17 Pro and M1 and above processors, meaning key personal data will not go to remote servers. However, sometimes power will be taken from cloud systems for powerful work. Apple, which creates special servers consisting of Apple Silicon processors, will not process people’s data on these servers. Personal data will not be stored in the infrastructure called Private Cloud Compute.

With Apple Intelligence, digital assistant Siri finally becomes even smarter, more personal and advanced. Siri, which has become more natural, understands people much better than before and can keep conversations in memory. Siri, which can also be communicated with in writing, can answer questions about Apple hardware in detail. All of these features will be available when iOS 18 is released, then Siri will be able to fulfill requests by reading/detecting what is on the screen.

The new Siri will be able to use features within applications, for example, improve a photo for you. Siri, which can summarize notes or shoot videos for you, will come with a very advanced search system. For example, whenever you want, you can find your driver’s license photo from the archive and bring it to you, or find the book recommendation that a friend sent by e-mail. By talking to the new Siri, different tasks can be carried out without having to use more than one application.

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-iOS 18 operating system can be installed on the following iPhone models in September: “iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone SE (2nd generation) and iPhone SE (3rd generation). generation).

-iPadOS 18 operating system can be installed on the following iPad models in September: “iPad Pros released in 2018 and later, iPad Airs released in 2019 and later, iPad minis released in 2019 and later, and iPads released in 2019 and later.”

-The new macOS operating system will be available for installation on the following Mac computer models in September: “MacBook Pros released in 2018 and later, MacBook Airs released in 2018 and later, Mac minis released in 2018 and later, iMacs released in 2019 and later, iMac Pro, Mac Studio models released in 2022 and later, and Mac Studio models released in 2019 and later.” Mac Pros coming out.”