Investigation opened in Gabon after the arrest at the border of Guy Nzouba-Ndama

the opponent Guy Nzouba Ndama arrested at the border with suitcases

Guy Nzouba-Ndama, the former president of the National Assembly of Gabon, leader of the opposition party Les Démocrates, was arrested on Saturday during a customs check as he was returning from Congo-Brazzaville. The Gabonese gendarmes found in his belongings, 1.19 billion CFA francs, or 1.5 million euros. An investigation has been opened by the prosecution.

According to a close friend of Guy Nzouba-Ndama, the opponent is still in police custody and should be brought before the prosecution on Monday. The deputy prosecutor of Franceville indicates that the money discovered in his luggage was seized by the gendarmerie and returned to the public treasury.

A report for illegal holding of funds was forwarded to the prosecution where an investigation was opened, said Blera Ibinga. She cited a regulation saying that sums in excess of one million francs must be declared to customs. An observer explains that on the contrary, as they were CFA francs, circulating between CEMAC countries, no control was justified.

In terms of image, it’s disastrous »

Guy Nzouba-Ndama sees his image tarnished. Video of the incident has spread online. We see the gendarmerie open the suitcases of the former President of the Assembly. Revealing inside, thousands of banknotes. His party The Democrats denounces a humiliating scene “. An opponent believes that the customs officers were probably “ informed by an indicator ” and “ the search was authorized in high places “. However, a ” responsible for this level walking around with so much money, it’s inadmissible he says.

A close to the majority believes that ” in terms of image, it is disastrous. Especially since many people are struggling to make ends meet. “. The latter points the finger at a man venal ” and ” in the pay of foreigners “, accrediting the thesis of a possible financing of the Gabonese opposition by the Congolese power.

No comment on the Brazzaville side. A source evokes an internal affair in Gabon and emits the thesis of a sum accumulated by Guy Nzouba-Ndama on a Congolese account when he was in office.

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