Introduced Elgato Stream Deck Plus, which looks very useful

Introduced Elgato Stream Deck Plus which looks very useful

1668570036 323 Introduced Elgato Stream Deck Plus which looks very useful

Standing out with its solutions for publishers elgato, we meet today Stream Deck Plus came out with a remarkable solution named

elgato At the beginning of the first products that come to mind when it is said, Stream Deck solutions are coming. Here are the newest and most useful of them introduced today. Stream Deck Plus it happened. The product, which has eight different buttons that can be programmed for any desired purpose, also carries four rotatable controllers. Thanks to these, it becomes very easy to adjust the volume or sound balance, for example. For the controllers in this sub a color touchscreen LCD very useful solution using Elgato Stream Deck Plusabroad 200 dollars at a selling price owner.

The main target audience of this product, the main focus is broadcasters who broadcast live. However, this model Photoshop It also brings great convenience in use with applications such as The model, which is very easy to customize because of the screen on the buttons, is one of the most useful control centers that can be used for different purposes.


Before the company Elgato Facecam Pro An advanced webcam called The product, which has managed to attract attention as the company’s most advanced webcam solution, costs $ 200. facecam was built on and 4K 60 fps allowed him to broadcast or talk. In other words, the product, which combines high resolution, quality and fluidity, is built on a large body with a cooling focus and other details about it. here is located.