International winners announced for the 2022 James Dyson Award

International winners announced for the 2022 James Dyson Award

This year, for the first time, an international design competition including Turkey. James Dyson Award International winners have been announced.

Supporting more than 300 promising inventions by young engineers and scientists around the world, with more than £1 million in prize money to date. James Dyson Award The final stage took place with the announcement of the international winners for This year Sir James Dyson is the winner of £30,000 each to support the next stages of his inventions. two international winners and £5,000 winner a second choosed.

2022 International winner in Poland Warsaw University of Technology invented by students SmartHEAL” it was a project. While the most common mistake in wound healing is changing the dressing too often, this can lead to infections and tissue deterioration. SmartHEAL, a smart, affordable and scalable pH sensor that provides the solution; It uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) communication systems and can monitor the pH of a wound, assess the condition of the wound and detect infection without removing the dressing and thus destroying the tissue.

2022 Sustainability winner, Canada McMaster University invented by students “Polyformer” it was a project. With the machine, which was designed based on the high cost of filament imports and the lack of recycling infrastructure in plastic bottles, plastic bottles are recycled and turned into affordable 3D printer filament for developing countries. With Polyformer, manufacturers have easier access to inexpensive, high-quality 3D printer filament, encouraging the use of design infrastructure and career thinking in developing countries, enabling manufacturers to recycle their own waste and use output efficiently.


of this year International if the second, from the University of Antwerp, Belgium Invented by Charlotte Blancke “Ivy” it happened. Charlotte observed that medical treatment at home was increasing, but the equipment used for intravenous treatments at home was the same as in hospitals, although the characteristics of the home environment were different, with irritating medical devices being used more frequently at home, often under unsuitable conditions. Inspired by this, she designed a wearable alternative to the existing intravenous IV pole attachment that increases comfort and mobility for patients.

Dyson Founder and Chief Engineer Sir James Dyson In his statement regarding this year’s competition, “The James Dyson Award annually proves how passionate young people are about improving our world and solving environmental and medical problems. While some people just play to the stands about the issues they care about, these young inventors are trying to do things more productively and usefully and diligently use engineering, science and design to solve problems.” said.

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Winner of this year’s national James Dyson Award of the competition, which attracted great interest by receiving over 350 applications from Turkey from March when the applications started to the evaluation process in July, “PhysioCircle” Selami Erdogan, 27 years old, graduated from the Industrial Design Department of Middle East Technical University and was a graduate student in the same department with his project. The “PhysioCircle” project, which ensures the correct and effective application of the chest physiotherapy method to patients by physiotherapists or patient relatives, was rewarded with £5,000.


Idil Deniz from Istanbul Bilgi University, Suat, from Istanbul Bilgi University, is the national winner of the project, the winner of which was announced in September, and the runners-up in Turkey, an IoT-based sensor system that detects fires in real time, notifying the authorities when carbon dioxide (CO2) and temperature levels rise, enabling them to intervene before the fire spreads. Designed by Batuhan Esirger, Rana Imam, Rahme Nur Örnek “ForestGuard” It was designed by Açılay İpek, Levent Eldem and Nihal İrem Bayram from Middle East Technical University, who made a breakthrough in the decoration sector by combining biomaterials with additive production, by using the post-production orange wastes of food businesses and reducing their impact on nature. “Kikkis” announced as projects.

International winners were announced at the event held in Istanbul on Wednesday, November 16, while the national winners announced in September were given their awards. Middle East Technical University Industrial Design Department and TMMOB Chamber of Architects Industrial Designers Commission President Prof. Dr. Gülay Hasdoğan and journalist Dr., who also teaches Marketing Communication, Advertising and Digital Marketing courses at Istanbul Bilgi University. Fatoş Karahasan and Dyson officials in the jury group attended.