International Day of the Midwife: “Invest in Midwives”

International Day of the Midwife Invest in Midwives

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  • Posted on 05/04/2021

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    Established by the World Health Organization in 1992, the International Day of Midwives has been held every May 5 for 19 years now. This year, the theme is “The figures speak for themselves: invest in midwives”, the opportunity for Doctissimo to take stock of this profession with a midwife.

    Theme of the international day of midwives

    This Wednesday, midwives are honored with an international day marked by the theme “The numbers speak for themselves: invest in midwives“. On this occasion, a report Co-led by UNFPA, WHO and ICM, SoWMy 2021 reveals that universal coverage of care provided by midwives would by 2035 prevent 67% of maternal deaths, 64% of neonatal mortality, 65% of stillbirths and would save nearly 4.3 million lives per year.

    “A situation which reveals that ultimately, it is on a global level that we need midwives to help the most disadvantaged countries” explains Jacqueline Lavillonnière, midwife. “In France, the situation is a bit different: we have midwives, but their field of expertise is often poorly understood.”Adds the specialist.

    Track your pregnancy week after week

    Midwife: much more than taking charge of pregnancy

    While we know that midwives are able to take care of a pregnant woman from the first week of pregnancy until childbirth, we know less that these female physiology professionals can intervene in other contexts. .

    • Infant follow-up : In addition to monitoring the mother after childbirth, the midwife can also monitor the general condition of the child. “We can weigh it, measure it, give advice on sleep, diet and breastfeeding in particular”Specifies Jacqueline Lavillonnière.
    • Gynecological follow-up and contraception : “We are empowered, for example, to receive women who want gynecological follow-up or receive contraception.”Explains the midwife. They can prescribe contraception since the HPST reform of July 2009.
    • The vaccination : Whether for the mother, or her entourage, the midwife can prescribe and give vaccines. She can also immunize children, but in their case, parents will need to get the prescription from their doctor.
    • Vaccination against Covid : The publication of Decree No. 2021-506 of April 27, 2021 now authorizes midwives to prescribe and administer Covid vaccines to anyone who has no contraindication to vaccination.
    • Abortion : Since June 5, 2016, midwives can also prescribe and administer a medical voluntary termination of pregnancy (abortion). “We also claim the right to be able to perform abortions by aspiration”Specifies Jacqueline Lavillonnière.
    • Perineo-sphincteric rehabilitation, at any age : Whether after pregnancy, or even for women of any age, whether they have had children or not, midwives provide perineo-sphincteric rehabilitation. Social Security reimburses ten sessions at 100%.

    International Day of the Midwives: An expected mobilization

    On the occasion of this international day, midwives and midwives in the liberal sector, who work in maternity or maternal child protection (PMI) call for a day of strike and rally on May 5.

    Requesting the establishment of the role of ” course referent “During a pregnancy, midwives also claim a vadjustment of their remuneration time dedicated to coordination during on-call hours, but also the valuation of thepostnatal interview as well as recognition of the overall support for liberal midwives working in technical facilities, in birth centers and at home.

    Are also claimed theopening of technical platforms liberal midwives with the establishment of standard agreements and assistance for insurance financing as well as the creation of a post of consultant midwife within the health insurance funds to improve the management of women’s health.