Interesting vlog-focused camera: Canon PowerShot V10

Interesting vlog focused camera Canon PowerShot V10

leaks in the past few days Canon PowerShot V10was officially launched today. An interesting vlog-focused camera came.

Canon PowerShot V10, The new “video-oriented content producers” centerPowerShot V” We are here as the newest member of the series. Prepared in very small PowerShot V10, especially focuses on inexperienced people who are new to the field of content production. The product, which has a small 2 inch screen, which is designed to be mobile, does not allow lens change. The model uses a fixed 19mm focal length lens with an F2.8 aperture, and with the 20.9-megapixel Type 1 sensor, videos can be shot at 30fps in 4K and 60fps in FullHD. The camera, which can take 15.2 megapixel photos, can only autofocus (So no manual focus) and face recognition is offered in the process. Digital image stabilization with up to 3x lossy digital zoom PowerShot V10, Since it has one leg, it can stand in an upright position where it is placed.


Of course, the model, which can also be mounted on tripods if desired, makes changing the video style in seconds with 14 different creative color filters a piece of cake for those who are not in control of the process. Camera that can record both front and rear audio with multiple microphones, Canon Camera Connect via mobile app It also makes it possible to broadcast live. It will probably be sold in Turkey in the future. Canon PowerShot V10, abroad $430 has a selling price.