Intercos, 1.4 million revenues in Korea for suncare products

Intercos 14 million revenues in Korea for suncare products

(Finance) – Intercos has learned from some news agencies that news has circulated regarding the lawsuit involving “Kolmar Korea” and “Intercos Korea”.
The company makes this known in a note, specifying that: the procedure has been initiated against two former employees of “Kolmar Korea” for actions undertaken independently before being hired by “Intercos Korea” which was involved in the case only as the new employer of the two aforementioned subjects; the proceeding is still awaiting a final decisionwhich is why Intercos is required to maintain the strictest confidentiality regarding the same; Intercos was already active in the Suncare segment before the entry of the two former employees of “Kolmar Korea”; the reported figure of KRW 49 billion in revenue related solely to Suncare products is unfounded. The revenues achieved by Intercos Korea in 2018 relating to Suncare products alone amounted to approximately KRW 2 billion (approximately Euro 1.4 million).

We reiterate – the company concludes in the note – “Intercos’ absolute opposition to any act of violation of anyone’s intellectual property rights”.