Intel or AMD: which processor to choose?

Intel or AMD which processor to choose

If processors remain the heart of computers, the fact remains that they must be of high quality. Enough to allow honorable performances in office automation or for video games. Two brands share the market: Intel and AMD.

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Between Intel and AMD, which processor to choose? The question may seem complex, and for good reason … both Intel and AMD provide processors quality, capable of allowing anyone to surf, play games or even edit video without any problem. And if some differences exist, they are nonetheless slight. Let’s take a look back at these few peculiarities that differentiate the two brands.

Intel: the very high end of the processor

Intel’s quality will be de facto the same as that of AMD processors. However, Intel offers different, higher possibilities. In addition to the graphics performance that makes Intel the benchmark in the video game for example, its computing speeds will be better.

Of course, it will all depend on the model chosen, and that is the problem. You can find AMDs faster than Intel processors and vice versa. The main question is to compare identical ranges or categories. And in this type of comparison, Intel will always offer better performance, better power and ultimately better service than AMD. Nevertheless, and here is the real problem: Intel processors are expensive, very expensive.

AMD: the best value for money

If AMD remains a little behind when we compare it to Intel, it is nonetheless a benchmark. Power, speed, efficiency, these are the qualities of AMD processors. It is cheaper and therefore unequivocally offers better value for money. An essential point in the choosing a processor for your computer. Especially since far from being ridiculous, the performance of a recent AMD processor can sometimes exceed that of a penultimate generation Intel. One reason to buy new PCs more powerful than others equipped with Intel and dating a year.

Ultimately AMD will prevail in the choice of an appropriate quality-price ratio, without of course there being a real winner between the two, as the qualities are similar with all the same strengths and weaknesses on both sides. ‘other.

AMD or Intel: which processor to choose for my use?

As said before, Intel processors equip expensive computers: it is a fact. If you do not have the necessary budget, if you are a student, for example, and invest in a computer offering the best value for money remains your priority: AMD will have your favor.

Conversely, if for you the budget is not a problem and you are looking above all for power as for the video montage for example: it is to Intel that you will have to turn. To date, it has faster and more powerful processors, allowing users to provide better services. The Surface Book of Microsoft or the Dell XPS which are references in matter ultraportables are all equipped with an Intel processor. And their price is way above an ultraportable or a PC equipped with an AMD processor.

What you must remember

  • AMD and Intel have a similar advantage: that of offering you high-end products.
  • If Intel offers a little more power and speed of calculation than AMD, the latter offers a much more advantageous value for money.
  • So many criteria to take into account when purchasing your new computer, or assembling your tower.

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