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With the Intel Core i5-13600KF you can give your gaming PC a decent upgrade and be well positioned for the years to come. The CPU ensures high FPS and ideally supports the rest of your hardware.

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Key technical data:

cores14 (6+8)threads20 (12+8)turbo clock5.10GHzbase clock3.50GHz TDP125W baseIntel 1700Chipset EligibilityB660, B760, H610, H670,
H770, W680, Z690, Z790architectureRaptor CoveproductionIntel 7L2 cache20MB (6x 2MB + 8x 1MB)L3 cache24MBscope of deliverywithout CPU cooler

Surprisingly powerful

You can easily find a lot of much more expensive models on the market, but the detailed GameStar test shows that this is not necessary at all for proper performance. The Core i5 13600K also delivers first-class results, but gives you more financial leeway. So you can save something or invest more in other hardware such as a suitable graphics card.

Here is the conclusion from colleagues:

The Core i5 13600K is only slightly beaten by its big brother Core i9 13900K in our benchmarks, but at the time of the test it costs almost half as much. It can also outperform the AMD competition. Coupled with the high number of cores of 14 thanks to additional E-Cores, the 13600K offers a very good overall package that should not have any problems in games or applications in the long term.


  • very high gaming performance
  • very high application performance
  • good energy efficiency
  • moderate temperatures under gaming load
  • cons

  • high temperatures under heavy loads
  • without manual intervention, the maximum power consumption is very high
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