Insurance, Monacelli (Generali Italia): this sector is experiencing a phase of enormous transformation

Insurance Monacelli Generali Italia this sector is experiencing a phase

(Finance) – “The phase we are going through is one of enormous transformation in the sector, the attitude of our customers has changed”. She said it Massimo Monacelli, General Manager of Generali Italia, speaking toInsurance Summit in Milan explaining that “they have changed the sensitivity and awareness towards the sector: they have begun to discuss not only on price, but for example on solidity”.

“The pandemic – continues Monacelli – represented a very strong accelerator for digitization. At Generali we had initiated transformation procedures and with the pandemic this became the rule: thanks to technological investments we have remotely remoted the work of thousands of people in a few days and we have not not even for a day interrupted the relationship with customers “.

“But – he stresses again – it is never technology alonethe transformation is first of all cultural. In recent years we have included many people for quality and quantity who bring different skills: Iot, data scientist, customer experience. And we have established centers of competence, I think of Jeniot or Welion with which we entered the world of health by offering services and I am thinking above all of welfare “.

“We therefore redesigned the our offer, iintegrating our historical core business with prevention assistance and value-added services. We focus on the partnership model, we offer services by putting our insurance expertise alongside the expertise of those who work on the market: is the logic of ecosystems “, concludes the manager.