Instagram wants to keep stories in sight

Instagram wants to keep stories in sight

Continuing to be one of the most popular social media platforms in the world Instagramcontinues to 2023 with important updates.

Instagram The stories in it are still used very seriously. Although the access levels are not as much as before, many people will continue in 2023. It continues to embrace the idea of ​​content that is automatically deleted after 24 hours. The company, which continues to work on this subject, researches the application codes. Alessandro Paluzzi as shown in the photo above by wants to keep the stories in sight. For now, tests are being done on this subject, so the final decision has not been made, but the company will soon can use an interface that will provide quick access to stories from within the normal sharing flow. For this, the company, which will bring together new stories from at least three different accounts, may satisfy those who missed the newly shared stories while spending time between normal posts, or may receive much worse feedback than they expected with this interface structure.


The company’s new feature, which previously covered certain content producers, attracted attention when it was unveiled. “Broadcast Channels” had happened. For this new feature, the company “Get the latest news from your favorite creators” he explains. “You and other followers can read posts and comment and vote in polls“declared “Broadcast Channels”, it works unilaterally so in this part to Zuckerberg or to another person using the feature, followers cannot text. Now, for example, if you want it, opened by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg “Meta Channel” directly to the broadcasting channel named from here (It only works on mobile and you have to follow Mark Zuckerberg) and you can quickly follow Zuckerberg’s current statements.