Instagram continues its tests in the TikTokization process

Instagram continues its tests in the TikTokization process

One of the most important Meta companies Instagram, Today, with a main stream test performed specifically for TikTok, the sound brought.

Instagram, has started to shift its focus towards TikTok as it has started to miss the new generation lately. The service, which is starting to look more like TikTok day by day, is currently testing full-screen content on certain segments. The people involved in this test currently see the videos on the main stream page in full screen. Videos can also be viewed full screen by people who are not included in the test. However, for this, the video needs to be pressed once. In the new test of the company, the process is automatically displayed in full screen. Apart from this step, which is expected to be brought for everyone soon, the company states that they have not forgotten the photos. This is not very convincing, but Mark Zuckerberg states that full-screen works for photos are on the way.

Instagram In the past few days, a step has been taken for personal profiles. Certain profiles are available in many markets, especially in Turkey.Pin to top of your profile” feature is coming. With this feature, you can directly view certain content that you have shared before. you will be able to fix it to the top of the profile grid. In this way, the content to be featured will be fixed at the top of the personal profiles, and the selected content will not start to fall into the background after new shares.


Removing the pinned content can be done easily from the place where the pinning is done. For this, it will be enough to enter the “…” menu in the upper right corner of the content. Instagram in the process allows multiple content to be pinned to the top of the profile.