Instagram and Facebook will flag artificial intelligence content

Meta is working on Artificial General Intelligence

It is the umbrella company of Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook. Metais another important step for the artificial intelligence side. is beating.

Instagram, Threads, WhatsApp And Facebook There will be a new warning soon on Meta platforms such as. This warning It will be used in images detected to be produced by artificial intelligence systems, In this way, people will be able to understand more clearly whether the content is false / fake. Meta, which is reported to have developed a special automatic system for this, not only its own artificial intelligence systems, but also Google OpenAI And Adobe It will also be able to detect artificial intelligence images produced with the services of companies such as. Meta, who wants to combat the fake content problem created by systems that produce images from text, says that a large-scale response to this issue will occur over time. Before this, Meta had come to the fore with an artificial intelligence-focused processor. “ArtemisThis, which is reported to be codenamed ” newly developed special artificial intelligence processorAs stated, it will begin to be used in some of the company’s server systems before the end of 2024. This internally developed processor, which is reported to be involved in processing tasks given to productive artificial intelligence systems, rather than training LLMs, that is, large language models, can be very useful for the company and can bring both financial advantage and high performance. Meta, like many of its competitors, purchased a large number of H100s from Nvidia in order to make its existing artificial intelligence systems not the only name on this side that is working on turning inward.

The company that took the first step in the process is the software giant Microsoft had happened. For those who missed it Microsoft since 2019 Athena has the code name on a processor specific to artificial intelligence operations. was working. Company employees, who made some confidential statements about this issue in the past months, stated that the processor, which focuses on machine learning, was used in many tests for testing purposes. Microsoft And OpenAI He said that it can already be used by his employees. The software giant, which held an event in the past months (Ignite 2023), introduced not one but two processors as expected.

The physically very large size model introduced by the company Azure Maia artificial intelligence processor and 128 core ARM based Azure Cobalt According to the announcement, the processor will arrive in 2024 and will only appeal to the professional field. Processors prepared for cloud and cloud-based artificial intelligence servers will strengthen Microsoft’s hand in the artificial intelligence hardware side, which is dominated by Nvidia, and will bring serious financial savings in the long term to the company, which has invested heavily in artificial intelligence in recent years.