Information about the situation of migrants is leaking from Russia: organized rides to the border, many arrested

Information about the situation of migrants is leaking from Russia

is told by phone about one of the hotels in Kantalahti that a few dozen people had stayed there.

Saana Uosukainen,

Heikki Heiskanen

MOSCOW / HELSINKI On the Russian side of the border, there is little information about the situation of migrants. It is difficult to say how many and where there are currently people aspiring to Finland.

investigated the situation through local news, phone calls and social media.

Today, Tuesday, dozens of asylum seekers crossed the border into Finland in Salla and Vartius.

Hotel workers: everything is organized

According to the information obtained by , many of those seeking the Salla border station have stayed in Kandalahti, or Kandalakša, in the Murmansk region. called different accommodation places on Tuesday.

was told about the hotels located in one of the cities that there are a few dozen people staying. As an estimate, the Russian who answered the call estimates approximately 40–50 people.

– Just wait, and they will all arrive for you, the accommodation is told to .

According to the hotel employee, the migrants now buy bicycles and head to the Finnish border, which is still 180 kilometers away from Kantalahti. They don’t ride there on bikes, they are taken by cars.

Everything is organized, Kantalahti is told. However, the employee does not say which entity organizes the rides.

The reception of the other hotel told us that they too have accommodated people aspiring to Finland, but they had all already left. In general, a lot of migrants had been seen in the city two days in a row.

has not been able to confirm the reported information from other sources. Twenty asylum seekers crossed the Salla border at noon.

A snarky reaction in revenge

St. Petersburg Fontanka news site has followed the situation in the city of Kostamus. Kostamus is located near the Vartius border crossing. There were still dozens of people at the checkpoint outside Kostamus on Sunday, for which a warm-up area was set up.

Some of the people were apparently arrested and some of the people were taken by bus to Petrozavodsk at night, along with Fontanka. Apparently, people are still arriving in the area, even though the city closed its warm-up area yesterday.

And the leader of the Republic of Karelia Artur Parfenshikov that the mayor of Kostamus Sergei Novgorodov have assured the townspeople that the situation is under control. Especially in Kostamus, there has been a lot of resentment about the result of immigrants.

Local media: Over a hundred arrested

Based on today’s findings of the Finnish Border Guard, migrants are on their way to the border crossing points north of Vartius.

By 47 News some of the migrants would have crossed the border to Salla today on skateboards. It has not been possible to confirm the information.

Fontanka according to the report, migrants pay “brokers” up to 2,000–3,000 euros for a trip to the EU side. In Fontanka’s investigation, the role of the authorities remained unclear, but the migrants are taken to the border in cars. According to Fontanka, there was talk in an Arabic-language social media group that migrants would have left Minsk a day for 100 weeks towards the north.

Russian Stolitsa Na Onego -according to local media, the Russians say they have arrested 150 people in the Russian Karelia region since last Wednesday. Most had been arrested since Saturday, as they did not have valid visas, according to the authorities.