Inflatable pools banned this summer? Fines are already provided for in one department

Inflatable pools banned this summer Fines are already provided for

While several departments are in situations of extreme drought, one department has taken a radical measure that does not please everyone, that of prohibiting the sale of above-ground swimming pools. Be careful, the fine can be steep! Are you concerned?

France is experiencing an unprecedented drought situation and some departments are obliged to take drastic water restriction measures. This is the case of the Pyrénées-Orientales which have just moved to crisis level. The department has already implemented certain measures.

It has been forbidden to water your garden, wash your car, fill your swimming pool, and even buy an above-ground swimming pool since May 10, as announced by the Minister for Ecological Transition and Community Cohesion. territories, Christophe Béchu, at the microphone of RTL. A necessary measure according to him “in order to avoid having people who buy swimming pools and then have the temptation to fill them”. This prefectural decree is in place until June 13, 2023, when a new stage point must be achieved.

This prohibition concerns all the above ground poolsand even inflatable pools for children. Checks must be carried out by the National Office for Water and Aquatic Environments (Onema) and the Departmental Directorates of Territories (DDT). They are in charge of checking that supermarkets do not market the equipment concerned by the decree until June 13.

Attention, the fine can be increased in the event of non-compliance : 1500 euros for a first offence, and up to an additional 3000 euros in the event of a new offence. Good to know: despite this ban, it is still possible to go to the municipal swimming pool or to tourist and aquatic structures.