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infection is no longer through spores the series will have

Only a few days left before the broadcast of the first episode of The Last of US, but still no broadcaster in France. If the French are starting to despair and are looking for alternative solutions (piracy around this series is likely to explode), on the production side, we are multiplying outings and interventions to get people talking about the program. Recently, it was the executive producer of the series Craig Mazin (creator of Chernobyl) who spoke about the differences that we will find in the series compared to the video game. In the source material created by Naughty Dog, the outbreak of Cordyceps-related brain infection is known to occur via airborne spores. But in an interview given to Comicbook, Craig Mazin explains that this infection cannot work in the same way in the TV series. In The Last of Us video games, the fungus Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis grows from the bodies of human hosts, releasing infectious spores, and non-immune survivors like Joel wear gas masks to protect themselves from these airborne spores. ‘air. Depicting this infection process proved difficult to make believable in the television adaptation, as it would have required the characters to wear masks everywhere, all the time. However, Mazin assures that the writers have managed to keep the spirit and authenticity of the video game.

The Last of Us Part I

The HBO series should incorporate some novelties never seen in video games, which will also better surprise viewers and players who know the story of Joel and Ellie by heart. It’s also a good way to appropriate a work to make an adaptation, without distorting it. The presence of Neil Druckmann in the executive production, but also in the realization of certain episodes also sounds like a guarantee of quality. However, it will be necessary to wait until January 15 to have the heart net. But what we have already seen in the various trailers and other making of, all this looks very promising.

The Last of Us Part I