Independent Life Simulation Game Paralives Release Date Announced!

Independent Life Simulation Game Paralives Release Date Announced

The highly anticipated life simulation game Paralives has announced its development update. In this game, where lives are tried to be managed in an environment resembling a doll’s house, the aim is to offer free expansion packs instead of paid DLCs, as in The Sims. This is where various information about the game is published. development update We have compiled the details in our content.

When is the Release Date of Independent Life Simulation Game Paralives?

Alex Massé and Paralives Studio The development update for Paralives, the life simulation game developed and published by , has been released. Among the announced updates is the future platform of the game and when it will be published. According to Paralives’ statement, the game will be released in 2025. The game is primarily PC and Mac for users will be available in early access, but the exact date is not yet known.

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Paralives The published update video contains details about the gameplay techniques of the game. In addition, the character traits and lifestyles in the game are also shown in the video. In this context, dynamic relationship mechanics, business and career systems, detailed personality traits of the characters in the game defined as Parafolks, a system that affects the characters’ behaviors and interactions with each other are shown.

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There Will Be No Paid DLC in Paralives

As an interesting point in Paralives, which is said to be inspired by The Sims seriesthere will be no paid DLC expansions We can say its feature. According to the statement, updates will be offered to the players free of charge after the game is released. We can say that the news of the free update received positive points from the players. However, The Sims game received a lot of criticism in this regard.

What Does the Paralives Development Update Offer?

The Paralives game was first introduced in 2021. Although there are productions similar to this game, Paralives offers a different and greater freedom for players to design their living spaces. Design and furniture The fact that it can be personalized and transformed into different shapes adds a positive feature to the game.

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Apart from differentiating the living space, the player can make their Parafolks do different activities. For example, interacting with different characters, establishing a family, directing events, etc. simulation mode is offered. Within the scope of the newly announced development update, it is defined as a system of cards that offers a number of options to customize the interaction between Parafolks. This card system aims to establish bonds between players in their natural flow.