Increased police presence in troubled Eslöv

Increased police presence in troubled Eslov

Published: Less than 20 min ago

Updated: Just now

full screen The police will fly drones in central Eslöv next week. Archive image. Photo: Pontus Lundahl/TT

After a troubled summer with a number of fights in Eslöv in Scania, the police have launched a so-called special operation in the municipality, with four directions: creating security, crime prevention, cooperation and prosecution.

In addition to a greater general presence of police, local residents will notice more police officers on patrol and on bicycles.

From Thursday 22 September and a week ahead, the police will also use drones, especially in the area around Stora Torg.

“We see that those who live, work and visit the municipality feel anxious about staying in the central parts. During the summer, we have seen an increased number of violent crimes involving young perpetrators of violence, which have mainly been between individuals who know each other. I would like to say that Eslöv is basically a safe city to live in, but I of course respect the concern that exists among many citizens,” says local police area manager Veronica Ek, in a press release.