Increased fear after attack – more emergency help is paused

World Central Kitchen has paused its aid operations in Gaza after seven of the organization’s employees were killed in an Israeli airstrike.

Now the American aid organization Anera (American Near East Refugee Aid) is doing the same thing.

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  • – We have paused our humanitarian aid work and hope to return soon. But we have to make sure that our staff feel safe – or at least can deliver the support with a modicum of certainty, says CEO Sean Carroll to SVT’s Aktuellt.

    Delivered food and diapers

    Anera has, among other things, delivered food, medicines and sanitary napkins to Gaza, and cooperates with some 40 other aid organizations, including UN organizations and the World Central Kitchen.

    Sean Carroll says that the work “has never been safe or easy”, but that until the attack the staff wanted to continue.

    – Some said they could die in the aid work. They wanted to continue. But now they have said they cannot continue under such circumstances.

    “Angry and sad”

    The CEO testifies to increased concern for the staff, who include local employees and voluntary workers in Gaza.

    – Since the aid workers were killed yesterday, in what appears to be a targeted attack, we ask ourselves if we are safe. I am very scared. And I’m angry and sad.

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    Hear SVT’s reporter about the consequences after Israel’s attack. Photo: SVT