In this profession, salaries increase by 200 euros net per month and a bonus of 2000 euros arrives

In this profession salaries increase by 200 euros net per

A nice salary increase is coming for certain civil servants, well beyond inflation.

Rising wages are the crux of the war between employees and employers. After the announcements of soaring energy bills, the French people’s concern about their ability to have enough money to live with dignity is growing. The average increase in remuneration should be around 4% when daily prices have increased by more than 5% over the past year.

For many employees, this level will not be reached. For others, it will be largely outdated. If, mainly, this will concern certain professions located in the private sector, public service employees will also benefit from a very significant salary increase in 2024: +10% increase within a few weeks.

School nurses have indeed obtained better pay. If their salaries had increased in January with the revaluation of the civil servants’ index point, these professionals were demanding better salary conditions.

They have been heard since from May, their net salary will increase by €200. A godsend for these public officials who started their career at €1,500 and only reached €2,000 net per month after 10 years of service. Entry into the profession will therefore now be at €1,700 net per month.

That’s not all. The pay slip will also increase thanks to the payment of an exceptional bonus for all school nurses: €800 will be granted, also in May, to these essential members of educational establishments. Furthermore, in addition to the salary increase and the bonus, another bonus of €1,250 will be paid to nurses who coordinate the fight against school bullying.

A “recognition” for the profession underlined by the SNIES-UNSA union, satisfied that “the efforts that we tirelessly deploy” are “validated”. However, the profession is struggling to attract. According to the other union SNICS-FSU, there is a shortage of 15,000 professionals in this sector in France. Only 7,700 people practice the profession while 12 million students are in school across the country. Since 2022, there are no longer as many candidates as positions offered by competitions to become a school nurse and entries into the profession are fewer than annual departures.