In these 3 countries, we live in luxury with only 500 euros per month

In these 3 countries we live in luxury with only

You don’t need a lot of money there and summer lasts almost all year round. Here are three havens for saving money and working remotely.

There are places in the world, even entire countries, where people live with very little. And for the French, we benefit from great purchasing power thanks to the exchange rate. Many, but not all, of these countries are in Asia.

They are places full of history and natural beauty, but the three that we will talk about in this article also have other common characteristics: they are very safe, have a very low cost of living and are ideal for those who work from a distance.

Living in luxury while saving thousands of euros month after month is possible. In fact, in some cases it’s even very easy. All we have to do is carefully choose where we spend our time. And not just for short periods, like trips or summer vacations. But also for longer periods.

Spending a few years working abroad can be an ideal and unforgettable experience. You travel while working from your laptop, you meet new people and see new places, and you enjoy life. Especially because in countries where living costs less, you can do a lot more with the same salary.

So why not try ? Why not do it ? For the thousands of French men and women (especially young people) who work remotely, it is totally possible. Three of the best in the world are in Southeast Asia. Here they are.


We know Thailand for its islands, year-round warm weather, temples and some of the friendliest people in the world. But it is much more than that: it is one of the countries where many Westerners live for years working remotely. You can save up to half of an average salary.


Imagine that you earn a monthly salary of 2300 euros. In a large French or European city, you would lead a normal life. Although you are very careful about your spending. But if you have this salary working remotely, and you live in Indonesia, the life you will lead will be luxurious.


The third country in which it is worth living while working is Laos. It is a beautiful place with pristine nature and an enviable culinary culture. The cost of living in Laos is one of the lowest in the world, but at the same time it is a perfectly safe country. Living in Laos while working remotely will not only allow you to save a significant portion of your salary, but also allow you to enjoy an exceptional living environment and a superior quality of life.