In their latest game, the Swedish strategy geniuses let you build your own space colony

Starminer will be Paradox Interactive’s latest indie game on Steam. The game about building your own space colony is now presented in a short trailer.

What kind of game is this? Starminer is a building simulation from Paradox Arc, the indie division of Paradox Interactive and the development studio CoolandGoodGames.

The game is scheduled to appear on Steam in 2024 and the information from the trailer also promises that early access will not be long in coming.

Even though CoolandGoodGames only consists of two game designers, the trailer is pretty impressive:

In Starminer you build your own colony and get involved in the mineral trade

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What awaits you: In Starminer you take on the task of building your own mining colony in space. As the trailer shows, you start relatively small and use your space station to gain resources.

To do this, you mine minerals from asteroids and comets and collect a number of space objects that you find in the area. Your goal is to continually expand your station and colony. The more you expand your station, the more you can mine and collect in space.

In addition, you are also expanding a mineral trade to secure your resources and finances.

As the trailer shows, you also have to protect yourself from attackers. To do this, you build various mechanisms that defend your space station from the invaders. Because they want to grab the property of your colonies.

What the developers promise is that they want to try to make Starminer as realistic as possible and minimize elements that would not be possible in reality.

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