In the worst Resident Evil movie, Janitor Krause star Tom Gerhardt even makes an appearance

In the worst Resident Evil movie Janitor Krause star Tom

With the Resident Evil movies, Paul WS Anderson has his very own form of video game adaptation created, some of which only casually adhere to the template. Rather, the director succeeded in transferring the concept of game worlds and mechanisms to a cinematic aesthetic.

However, this approach failed completely in the second part of the series, which was filmed by Alexander Witt. Resident Evil: Apocalypse is absolutely underground though. At least there’s one in the sequel whimsical mini performance to be discovered by Janitor Krause star Tom Gerhardt.

Better watch the Janitor Krause intro instead of Resident Evil: Apocalypse:

Janitor Krause – Intro

Tom Gerhardt is seen very briefly as a zombie in Resident Evil: Apocalypse

In a scene of the sci-fi horror with a whole horde of zombies, the legendary caretaker Krause-Star has also mingled with the undead. However, his appearance is only short, because his role, which is listed as “Zombie-Dad” on IMDb, gets direct after a biting attack a bullet to the head.

In an interview with TV-KULT, Tom Gerhardt said at the time Creation of his cameo appearance in Resident Evil: Apocalypse: The producer Robert Kulzer is a good friend of mine. When I heard he was making a zombie movie, I insisted I do it at least take a bite allowed.

For the weird brief appearance alone, we would make a viewing recommendation. Otherwise, Resident Evil: Apocalypse is without the striking style and the staging ideas by Paul WS Anderson but the clear low point of the film series.

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