In the spotlight: the protest is still growing in Iran

In the spotlight the protest is still growing in Iran

Two months after the death of Mahsa Amini, it is the turn of the footballers of the national team to display their opposition to the regime on world television, relief The cross. Yesterday, in Qatar, they refused to sing their anthem, before the kick-off of their first match against England. In the stands, supporters brandished the slogan “Woman, life, freedom”. (…) The Iranian revolt not only does not weaken, but extends week after week to all layers of societynotes the Catholic daily. It is no longer just the business of youth, but of parents and grandparents. In recent days, merchants in the bazaar of Tehran, although reputed to be loyal to the regime, have gone on strike. So many signs that the protest is not about to stop. »

From protest to revolution?

For Releaseit is no longer a challenge but a revolution…” The demonstrators who take to the streets to demand the end of the clerical regime are rather, it is more and more obvious, in a spontaneous dynamic of revolution. The regime is not mistaken, while the repression put in place in recent weeks has already caused hundreds of victims. »

For the Franco-Iranian sociologist Farhad Khosrokhavar, interviewed by Releasethe movement continues despite this black repression because the feeling of being in a society without present and without future as well as the elimination of all timid legal opposition mean that the street has become the only place for the expression of grievances, on the part of young and old alike. (…) Now, the paths of dialogue and compromise are blocked, and the regime’s repression turns against itself, like a snake biting its own tail, further notes Farhad Khosrokhavar. The more he represses, the more society rebels. Which makes it even less possible to compromise with a hated power. As for the regime, instructed by the Syrian model of repression, it believes it can apply it to Iranian society. From there to the forces of repression gradually showing signs of wear and tear, there is only one step, if the demonstrations continue for a few more weeks. It would then beconcludes the Franco-Iranian sociologist, the end of the thanatocratic regime. »

Unemployment benefits: the turn of the screw

Also on the front page, the reform of unemployment insurance in France… With stricter rules: the unemployed, who will open rights from February 1, will have a 25% shorter unemployment benefit period.

This hardening was necessary, affirms Le Figaro. France is today the only country to suffer from chronic mass unemployment – more than 3 millions of people – whatever the circumstances. However, employers have never been so confronted with such a shortage of staff. The generosity of our social protection system, which provides little incentive to return to work, obviously has something to do with it. Without questioning it, concludes Le Figaro, the new rules introduce a touch of accountability into a world of welfare. »

No, retort Humanityit is a regression, a violence against the precarious, the most modest. (…) Unemployment insurance is not a grace given by the state to unemployed workers. It is a sharing, a pooling. Like Social Security, it is a conquest of solidarity in the world of work. This is also what the government wants to undermine. »

World: the Blues against Australia

Finally, the entry into the running of the Blues at the World Cup…

Dreaming of another world “, title The Team. ” Deprived of Benzema, Pogba and N’Golo Kanté, the French team defends its title with a base close to 2018, but also a lot of youth. She absolutely needs a victory over Australia tonight to get going and forget the dark days. »

We count on you ! exclaims The Parisian on the front page. ” Decimated by injuries, the France team launches its World Cup this evening against Australia and dreams of winning a third star. »

The Parisian who has his eyes on Mbappé…” The Blues are looking for a leader, a leader. Of play, of life, of locker room. It’s up to Kylian Mbappé to show that he can be this gang leader, capable of showing the way, of giving voice. In 2018, Kylian Mbappé did not hesitate when choosing his number in blue. He had opted for the 10. Like Platini, Zidane or Pelé… Since then, he has already done better than Platini. He equaled Zidane. Tomorrow, he can overtake Zizou and get closer to Pelé. A challenge to its excess. »