In the spotlight: overcoming the pension crisis…

the heavyweights of the majority gathered around Macron in search

It is apparently the objective of Emmanuel Macron who will try, according to the expression of the Worldto step over the pension reform. The head of state presents this Thursday, near the lake of Serre-Ponçon, in the Hautes-Alpes, the “water plan” of the government, notes the evening daily. By taking up the ecological question, he hopes to be heard by young people and thus overcome the pension crisis. (…) While the unions have announced a new day of mobilization next Thursday, the Head of State hopes to find a space to address other issues. At the risk of opening a new debate on water management, five days after the violent clashes between the police and radical activists around the mega-basin project in Sainte-Soline. This choice is not trivial, notice again The world. To get out of the quagmire of the pension reform, the President of the Republic wants, in the coming months, to concentrate on projects that allow him to project himself into the future and to evoke the daily life of the French, one of the executive communication obsessions. Ecological planning, one of the major challenges of the second five-year term, also makes it possible to speak to a section of young people, who are very concerned about this fight of the century. »

Macron in search of lost ground »: title The Parisian. “He must show that he is not bunkered,” says a majority heavyweight. “He needs to go to reality to get out of the clashes which are largely caricatural. He must confront the reality of the land, the climate, the water, of everything that makes people’s lives at the moment” . Hence this first trip to the Hautes-Alpes, which should be followed by others after his return from China within ten days. »

50 measures to improve water management

On the background, ” Emmanuel Macron himself will unveil some fifty measures to improve water management, point Release. Expected for two months, they are supposed to help cope with chronic drought. By doing “more with less”. Because the difficulties of drinking water supply in hundreds of municipalities last August and the battle around the mega-basin of Sainte-Soline are perhaps only a foretaste of the future. In a context of water scarcity, farmers, industrialists and private individuals must come to terms with a cake whose size is shrinking, without despoiling aquatic environments. »

Sainte-Soline: ambulances prohibited from access…

Sainte-Soline precisely: Release returns this morning to the case of the late treatment of the injured last Saturday during the clashes between environmental demonstrators and the police. Two demonstrators are still between life and death… their parents have filed a complaint for “attempted murder” and “obstructing rescue”. (…) Our detailed and timed investigation demonstrates the great confusion of the emergency services, says Release, reaching its tragic climax in the decision not to allow ambulance access to the protest area for nearly two hours, despite absolute emergency diagnoses, when every minute counts in the event of brain damage of this gravity. We have attached a chronology of official press releases, further specifying Release, testifying to the inconsistencies, even lies, in the communication of the government. Justice is now seized. We dare to hope that lessons will be learned from this state fiasco.

The best answer?

Moreover, following these clashes last Saturday, the Minister of the Interior initiated the dissolution of the environmental movement of the Uprisings of the earth. ” Is this the best answer? », wonders The cross. ” Probably not, while two demonstrators are still in serious condition, and a series of administrative and judicial inquiries must determine whether the use of public force has not been disproportionate. On the merits, one can wonder about the relevance of the government to want at all costs to criminalize the environmental movements, in a very questionable rapprochement between ecology and terrorism. (…) Faced with a youth desperate for the inaction of the public authorities and the non-respect of their commitments by the farmers, while the mega-ponds are criticized for their effects on the environment, the government’s response cannot only be safe, point again The cross. Ecology must be dealt with by the Minister of the Environment. Not by that of the Interior. »