In the spotlight: Macron in the snares of pensions

In the spotlight Macron in the snares of pensions

Emmanuel Macron crystallizes discontent. Against a background of inflation that worries the French, the head of state is paying a high price for the sequence of pension reform. Harsh end of winter for the president. According to an Ifop poll for The Sunday Journal , 7 out of 10 French people are dissatisfied with him, the president’s rating now only showing 28% satisfaction. That’s 4 points less in a month.

A worrying sign for him, Emmanuel Macron thus fell by 7 points among his voters on April 10, 2022, point The JDD (…) Dissatisfaction with his susceptible crosses all categories: 76% of 18-24 year olds (+ 10 points in one month), 82% of workers (+ 6), 72% of employees in the private sector (+ 5 ).

It is in this very gloomy atmosphere that the National Assembly will vote tomorrow on the motions of censure tabled against the government. Two ministers give voice this morning. That of Labor admits it in The Sunday Journalthere will be a before and an after “. Olivier Dussopt evokes the use of 49.3 as a ” heartbreak “. And he promises: We will very soon have to continue to discuss and work together “, assures the minister in The JDD .

For his part, Bruno Le Maire is fuming. ” Let’s stop with the ball of the hypocrites! Liot (a centrist formation) which reaches out to Nupes [NDLR : l’alliance de gauche] and to the RN to bring down the government: what hypocrisy, thus indignant the Minister of the Economy in The Parisian Sunday ! Mathilde Panot, Marine Le Pen and Charles de Courson, allies to bring down the government and form an alternative majority: a clownish hitch! “, lumberjack Bruno Le Maire in this newspaper.

Woke machine

Chat GPT4 is the latest addition to the already famous so-called generative artificial intelligence application, a true digital revolution. Much more powerful than its predecessor, this software poses the threat of devastating technological upheavals. The magazine press has tested this new robot, which can already replace a lot of specialized professionals at short notice. Without pose, without fatigue, without error.

Less than a month ago, three leading writers, including former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, published in the wall street journal a column claiming that ChatGPT changes our relationship to knowledge, more than the printing press !

Gutenberg overtaken by ChatGPT? Then the press sounded the alarm, striving to demonstrate that, no, definitely, this machine is nothing more than a ” rough parrot “, as said the Minister Delegate in charge of the Digital Transition, Jean-Noël Barrot.

Witness the weekly Current Values. Which had the idea to test ChatGPT on questions “ which regularly cross the public debate and to publish its responses alongside those of its own journalists. So, Current Values asked him if immigration is ” a chance for France » or if there is « a link between immigration and delinquency “.

For each question, ChatGPT, in a flash, provided relevant answers, according to Current Valuesof a ” catechism “worthy of a” progressive propaganda “. When this magazine asked ChatGPT to praise Emmanuel Macron, the software responded instantly, while it refused to do so when the same request was made to it in favor of Marine Le Pen or Éric Zemmour.

From there to think that ChatGPT, for lack of heart, thinks on the left and runs on progressivism, there is only one step », laments Current Values.

ChatGPT, the threat

Still, this subject is probably more important than pension reform, believes The Express. Which weekly invites its readers to consider that ChatGPT must also constitute ” the opportunity to take a critical look at our public debate and the state of opinion. Without any contempt for anyone, we can still consider that the crisis of national hysteria around an essential and minimalist pension reform is a little off the mark even though the underestimation of technological change threatens France with ‘ “a relentless downgrade” “.