In the spotlight: Joe Biden threatened with cohabitation

In the spotlight Joe Biden threatened with cohabitation

Poll of all the dangers for the democrats, in the United States. Two days before the midterm elections, the Biden camp is holding its breath. Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, the last three American presidents were in a meeting yesterday in Pennsylvania, a key state in the northeast of the country, where Republicans won in 2016, then Democrats in 2020.

Suspense at the polls? For The Sunday newspaper, the mass seems to be said. ” The midterm poll promises to be a defeat for the president and the Democratic camp », states without waiting The JDD.

Augur shared in this weekly by the American writer Douglas Kennedy. “ The day after tomorrow will be crucial midterm elections in which control of Congress will likely pass to a Republican party. “, predicts, in this same JDDthe author of the novel The man who wanted to live his life (Belfond). According to Douglas Kennedy, the United States seems to be “preparing to implode”. And the author of the novel Men are afraid of the light (Belfond) fears that the presidency of Joe Biden “ end up like Weimar Germany in the 1930s “.

Dissolution operation for Macron

In France, the operation dissolution of the National Assembly would be running. Six months after his re-election as head of state, Emmanuel Macron is said to be preparing it. To believe The Sunday newspaperthe question is not whether there will be dissolution, but when (…) the inescapable character, in the medium term, of such an operation, is beyond doubt “, assures The JDD.

Precisely, if legislative elections were held today, who could be the winners and losers? In the event of legislative elections this Sunday, with 21% of the vote, i.e. 1.8 points more than in the legislative elections last June, ” only the National Rally would emerge strengthened “, revealed an Ifop survey for The Sunday newspaper. With Reconquête, the party of Éric Zemmour, also on the rise, “the far right would total 26.5% of the vote”, notes The JDD. Renaissance, the presidential party would remain stable compared to June (at 27%), and Nupes, the left alliance, would be down 1.3 points (at 25%), again indicates this weekly.

Earlier in the week, Mariannealready, lumbered Emmanuel Macron. ” It has no majority; he has no project; he wants to lower taxes; he wants to reform pensions… How long will it last? “. Evoking in a flowery style, the tale of Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland, Marianne affirm that ” the quinquennium has sunk, like Alice, into the white rabbit hole. Tick-tock, tick-tock… The countdown has begun “before the president was forced to” dissolve the Assembly “.

Referring to Article 49.3 of the Constitution, commonly assimilated to an institutional forced passage to give force of law to a text which has not received a majority – and of which the Borne government is forced to make full use – this weekly reports the viper about a socialist who sat on the Council of Ministers alongside Emmanuel Macron while François Hollande was president. According to this anonymous, the French president “ knows very well that he can’t keep up with 49.3 for five years “. Tactics, Macron? Maybe, but watch out for the ticking…

And for a few degrees less

Today, Sunday 6 November, is the opening of COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. And this hope: despite eco-anxiety, victory in the climate battle is still possible. With around a hundred Heads of State or Government present, including a good thirty from the African continent, COP27 starts today. In the kiosks, the climate is on the front page. Full-page portrait of Valérie Masson-Delmotte on that of The Obs. Co-president of the IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, this climatologist, come what may, remains optimistic: “ It’s not too late to act “, she says. Time, a lot of time, has certainly been lost and the lights are red. But “ there remains a narrow window of opportunity to limit damage “says Valérie Masson-Delmotte in The Obs.

Limit breakage? This would consist of containing global warming by the end of the century below the 2°C threshold. otherwise, it is the entry in ” unknown territory », warns Valérie Masson-Delmotte in The Obs.