In the spotlight: it starts well for the Blues

In the spotlight it starts well for the Blues

For its entry into the World Cup, the France team beat Australia last night 4 goals to 1.

France starts with a bang exclaims The Courrier Picard.

Successful start “, adds The Dispatch.

What entry ! », insists Southwestt.

Masterful “, spear Champagne Liberation.

Impressive “, adds Eastern Lightning.

Reassuring and promising “, to analyse The union.

The Blues well launched », note The latest news from Alsace.

Super Giroud », proclaims Provence.

The striker of the Blues has indeed achieved a double, equaling the record of goals (51) scored in the tricolor jersey of Thierry Henry.

The “almost beautiful” life

The Team made in sobriety with on the first page this simple ” sky blue ” : and ” it’s a certain elegance to start a World Cup as we finished the previous one, writes the sports daily, by scoring 4 goals and delimiting a territory, without rolling over the mechanics, without promising the world that it will tremble, but by showing the springs of a team and a spirit in the face of the persistence of headwinds. »

Indeed, from the first minutes, the Blues conceded a goal and lost Lucas Hernandez, hit in the right knee, after the cascade of packages in recent days. So, continues L’Équipe, as long as the sky stops falling on the heads of the Blues every three days, life is almost beautiful, even if the superposition of our memories of glory, in 1998 and 2018, and Olivier Giroud’s double last night, would almost push us to ask ourselves this very French question : can you be world champion with a center forward who scores goals ? »

Confirm against Denmark

So, ” keep it up ! “, spear The Parisian. ” We may not know where we are going and find a direction and a course during the tournament. That’s what happened to the Blues on Tuesday, started from nothing, returned from everything and crossed by a momentum. We’re not moving, click-clack, this photo is in the bag. We go with it, as long as possible. »

Be careful, however, warn Le Figarothe World Cup will not offer such a weak opponent every day. Next meeting Saturday against Denmark, held in check by Tunisia (0-0). A second victory and the round of 16 would already reach out to the Blues. »

Bread on the board for the new boss of EDF

We stay with Le Figaro which makes its front page on EDF and its new boss, Luc Rémont, appointed this Wednesday in the Council of Ministers.

A take-up which comes at a critical moment for the national electrician, notes Le Figaro, covered with debts, of which the State will regain control at 100%. The group is in a race against time to quickly restart enough reactors to avoid power cuts during the winter. »

And Le Figaro to call back ” that not long ago, with EDF, France had an industrial jewel unique in the world. A company rich in billions, with incomparable skills and know-how. Of all this, nothing remains. A dismaying mixture of strategic errors, mismanagement and aberrant political decisions drove our champion to the brink : the new CEO arrives at the head of a group in great financial difficulty, which has lost control of its industrial tool to the point of threatening the country’s electricity supply. We have rarely seen such a mess. »

More delays?

Furthermore, Release this morning reveals a new quack in the program of new generation reactors wanted by Emmanuel Macron… Indeed, specifies the newspaper, “ the Head of State hopes to be able to inaugurate the first phase of this project at 52 billion from 2024. This is his great work capable of both reviving the nuclear sector and keeping in his eyes our commitments to produce carbon-free energy. Problem : the blacklist of technical points drawn up by the safety authorities is as long as your arm. To the point of compromising the dream calendar of Emmanuel Macron. Luc Rémont therefore arrives well in a house where the fire is smoldering everywhere. »