In the spotlight: an overheating planet…

In the spotlight an overheating planet…

How not to lose hope in the face of global warming? », wonders The cross. ” Faced with this question, the same answer is repeated, hammered out tirelessly by scientists and other climate specialists. “Every tenth of a degree avoided counts”, sometimes accompanied by: “Every ton of CO2 avoided counts”. On social networks, in conferences, on the sets, this scientific fact has been erected into a quasi-slogan. One way to nip in the bud the fatalism that each new major study on the consequences of climate change could arouse. And which should still resonate this Mondayrelieves La Croix, as the IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, prepares to publish its summary report. Result of eight years of work, this sum will summarize in particular the conclusions of the three chapters of its evaluation report published in 2021 and 2022, which constitute the most up-to-date inventory of fixtures on the evolution of the climate, the consequences of warming and possible solutions. »

Limit warming? It’s still possible…

Asked by Releasethe climatologist Jean Jouzel summarizes the main features of this IPCC synthesis: first, a certainty, “ scientists no longer doubt: a huge step has been taken. Their assertion, strong, is that not only are we sure that the climate is warming but above all that this warming is linked “unequivocally” to human activities. »

Then, continues Jean Jouzel, a central point: “ the idea that global warming, if left unchecked, becomes a threat to our humanity and to nature. The intensification of extreme events was evident during the year 2022: lengthening of the duration of droughts, deadly floods, reduction of sea ice around Antarctica, etc. It is therefore necessary to adapt to these new climatic conditions. Adaptation, we can no longer escape it. »

So the solutions? Response from Jean Jouzel: We must quickly and deeply reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. ” The most effective solution would be to rapidly develop wind and solar power, alternatives to fossil fuels which have become cheaper. We also need to decarbonize transport, industry, agriculture, etc. The IPCC tells us that this would be possible by 2030, provided, however, that massive investments are made. »

Retreats: another week of confrontations…

On the front page again and again pension reform… “ Censorship, protests… a risky week “, title The Picard Courier. ” In the event of rejection of the motions of censure against the Borne government today, the pension reform will be adopted, but the challenge will continue in the street, promise the unions. »

Failure of no-confidence motions remains the most likely scenario “, estimated The world. So what can happen next? “ Is a political withdrawal from the reform possible in the face of very strong social mobilization? “It is unlikely, says the evening daily.

Another possibility: Can the Constitutional Council censure the bill? “It’s not impossible, answers The worldparticularly in view of the large number of procedural instruments used.

Anyway, consider Le FigaroEmmanuel Macron will have to explain himself quickly to the French. Probably before his trip to China on April 4. His severe drop in the Ifop-JDD barometer, to 28%, his lowest since February 2019 during the Yellow Vests crisis proves that it is he whom public opinion holds responsible for the situation, more than Elisabeth Borne, bass, at 29%, but stable. »

Discuss ?

And then this long interview with Laurent Berger in Release. “ Angry at the choice of the executive to have used 49.3 to avoid a vote on the pension reform, the secretary general of the CFDT urges the head of state to “not promulgate” the bill, he does not call for the overthrow of the government but he tells the deputies to do “what they have to do”, this Monday, on the motions of censure. Ready to “continue” despite the probable adoption of the text in the Assembly, Laurent Berger remains ready to discuss with the Elysée or Matignon a way out of the crisis but he is betting, first, on the ninth day of mobilization, organized Thursday by the inter-union, to make them listen to reason. »