In the spotlight: after 49.3, France rears up

In the spotlight after 493 France rears up

Tpolitical ension, in France, after the passage in force of the executive on the pension reform. It is littlee say that thehe adoption without a vote of this major reform, by means of article 49-3 of the Constitution, caused great discontent in the country.

Like theline The Parisianhe will not haveit didn’t take long to see, everywhere in France, processions of demonstrators hastily organized just after the government’s forced entry on the pension bill».

France is ‘sunder voltage », emphasize in A Le Figaroand the majorityé finds himself in the tournament».

On Monday, will the National Assembly vote or not to censure the government? The hypothesis is in everyone’s head,signal Le Figaro. Emmanuel Macron mentioned it again on Wednesday evening during a meeting at the Élysée with Élisabeth Borne. As if to recall the warning he had already issued in the fall to his troops during a preparatory meeting for the pension reform: “If a motion of censure is voted, I will dissolve in the second” (…) Hand on the button, the head of state hopes not to have to come to this“.

Macron stuck

The social crisis (…) is now coupled with a political crisis»estimated Release . According to this daily, the Presidentnt, since Thursday, is indeed “in a state of helplessness. The Borne method crashed on 49.3. The relative majority resulting from the legislative elections has turned into a presidential minority. How can the solitary of the Élysée save himself an interminable end of quinquennium horribilis? »asks himself Freed.

What can Macron do? Ia Prime Minister leavesant of this sequence weakened by the use of 49-3the press is now talking about a government reshuffle. But to install who in Matignon, questions Liberation? A right-wing man or woman, to better embody his political line and tie LR a little more to the majority? Gérald Darmanin or Bruno Le Maire doubtless dream of it. But the maneuver, given the state of decay of the LRs, seems uncertain. Disbanding would look very much like suicide, with an RN in ambush (…) The temptation is undoubtedly great at the Élysée to turn around, wait for it to happen, bet on the fatalism of the French. This option would confirm presidential impotence and, in the medium term, would be devastating to public opinion.already at odds with politics”estimated Release.

Waltz of the suitors

VSas he picks it up Le FigaroElisabeth Borne now finds herself challenged (…) It will surely take an initiative before the summer“, pleads a minister of weight, in unison with many members of the majority and the government.

And Le Figaro draw up the cast. Unsurprisingly, therefore, the list of his potential successors to Matignon has suddenly grown in the space of a day. Alongside the usual Bruno Le Maire, Gérald Darmanin and François Bayrou, other names are appearing. A returnee first with Catherine Vautrin, approached after the re-election of Emmanuel Macron but discarded in favor of Élisabeth Borne after pressure from the left wing of the macronie. A new face too, with the current Minister of Defense Sébastien Lecornu. A return also with former Prime Minister Jean Castex. More baroque hypotheses finally with the former socialist Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, who is currently trying to revive social democracy, and ECB boss Christine Lagarde, whose name always ends up coming up at one time or another when it comes to Matignon, always without follow-up”, lists, in its cast, Le Figaro.

France-USA in Bangui, the return?

THE top of the CEMAC ended last night in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Central African President Faustin Archange Touaderatook over from Cameroonian President Paul Biya at the head of the Economic Community of Central African States:

Exactly. The daily opinion returns to the meeting, a fortnight ago, in Libreville, Gabon, between the Central African and French presidents, to confirm that “France should participate, alongside the United States and Rwanda, in strengthening the Central African armed forces“. Quoting whatopinioncalls a “knowledgeable source“, (in case its readers come – what an idea – to doubt it), this newspaper assures that “diplomatic channels will be restoredbetween Paris and Bangui, and also quotes a african diplomat» who affirms that several American officers in charge of military cooperation are expected (in CAR) at the end of March».