In the spotlight: a decisive week for pension reform

Borne II an invisible government

Today Monday, examination in committee at the National Assembly of the reform project. Tomorrow, Tuesday, a new day of mobilization everywhere in France. And everyone prepares their weapons…

How the executive prepares the battle of the Assembly “, title The Parisian. The executive who is now ready for the showdown. And too bad if a large majority of French people remain largely opposed to the reform. (…) Inflexible, Elisabeth Borne announced on Saturday that she would not return to the two main stumbling blocks which are the postponement of the legal retirement age to 64 and the acceleration of the process of extending the duration of contribution. »

The battle looks toughpoint again The Parisian. From the RN to the Nupes, passing (also) by part of the LR, the oppositions are ready to do battle. In fact, these three days of examination in committee of the some 7,000 amendments tabled, will above all be a warm-up tour, before the test in the hemicycle which will begin from February 6. »

Until then, the government is not going to sit idly by. He would be ready to make a few concessions: the Élysée urgently demanded to work on measures to extinguish the three open fronts – women, young people, seniors, thinks he knows The world. Under study, (in particular) the passage from 44 to 43 years of contribution for those who started working at 20 years old. “Sweet” measures on the lunch menu of Emmanuel Macron and Elisabeth Borne, later, which will be weighed on the eve of the new day of mobilization. »

How many battalions?

Another problem for the executive, arithmetic this one…” The government fears losing the parliamentary base which – paradoxically in relative majority – was its main asset, point The world. The promise of a majority won thanks to the alliance with Les Républicains, displayed in early January, allowed Elisabeth Borne to put away her weapon of 49.3. In Matignon, we are assured that the boss of the party, Eric Ciotti, and that of the group in the National Assembly, Olivier Marleix, have given their word. Without guarantee that the necessary forty LR votes will follow, fifteen having already said against … This fog thickens with the wind of revolt which crosses the majority, where a dozen deputies oppose the project. »

And The world to conclude : “ the vote in the National Assembly could be played with a handful of votes. »

Towards a radicalization?

In the meantime, the unions intend to fill up with demonstrators tomorrow Tuesday… “ After having mobilized more than a million people on January 19, the unions want to strike harder, relief Le Figaro. No less than 300 demonstration sites are already planned and many strikes are expected in schools, refineries and transport. For the time being, the will to preserve the trade union dominates, even if, behind the scenes, the first desires for hardening are heard. »

And Le Figaro is alarmed: after the demonstrations and marches in January against the pension reform, should we prepare for the strikes and blockades in February? For days, the moderates have been working to avoid a radicalization of the movement, but the most extremists (CGT in the lead), spurred on by a base which only believes in hardening and dreams of replaying 1995, are adding oil to the fire. »

Again and again the confrontation…

In any case, this showdown underlines the chronic lack of consultation in our country… This is what The Latest News from Alsace : “ it must be recognized that the last seven years and five years have not been marked by resounding negotiated solutions. Confrontation has always prevailed (…). The expression used by Elisabeth Borne ‘more negotiable’ illustrates two very French evils, underlines the Alsatian daily: a cultural allergy to compromise and an atrophy of national solidarity. What is at stake in the coming weeks is nothing other than safeguarding the pay-as-you-go pension system to which the French are very attached. Employees would not understand that they are the only ones to support its sustainability while the profits of certain national flagships are soaring. It is the equal distribution of the financial effort that must be negotiated, more than ever. »