in the Senate, the right sets the pace

in the Senate the right sets the pace

After the first “round” in the Assembly, it is now the turn of senators to look into pension reform. The elected members of the upper house have completed the examination of the text in committee. Several amendments were retained, in particular in favor of mothers and the employment of seniors, as desired by the right, the majority in the Senate. The executive has thus largely reached out to elected LRs, in the hope of obtaining a smooth adoption at the Luxembourg Palace. The right is therefore at the maneuver and sets the tempo.

Relations between the Senate and Emmanuel Macron have not always been good, but this time the executive has only sweet words for the senators. The leader of the LR group is well aware of this.

Bruno Retailleau lays down his conditions: “ There is no agreement, I simply repeated, Gérard Larcher, but also my colleague Hervé Marseille, the points which were essential for us. The first of the red lines: we want a reform that is balanced. And the other point which is a red line for us is mothers. And without this element, I repeated it to Élisabeth Borne, there will be no agreement here in the Senate. It appears favorable, but I am now awaiting proof. »

On the side of the senatorial opposition, we already denounce the agreement in sight between the right and the executive. Patrick Kanner, Chairman of the PS Group, explains: “ Obviously, the right wants its text and through this, it is clear that it will use all means to curb the voice of parliamentarians on the left. The games are clear, there is a collusion between the Macronist right and the senatorial parliamentary right. It’s the end of a long journey and Mme Borne has chosen her friends. »

A saving parenthesis for the executive who is about to breathe a little. But after the Senate, the text will return to the National Assembly for a solemn vote. A risk, therefore, that the bill is not passed.

political department, Charlotte Urien Tomaka

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