In the new trailer, Batman star Robert Pattinson sounds like the craziest Joker

In the new trailer Batman star Robert Pattinson sounds like

Some masterpieces don’t need actors in front of the camera. This applies, for example, to many films by the Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki, who became world-famous as the genius of the Ghibli studios. After a ten-year break, he will soon return with The Boy and the Heron. In the new trailer for the anime film, the voice of Batman star Robert Pattinson can be heard as a bird sounds even more insane than the Joker himself.

Check out the new trailer for The Boy and the Heron in English here:

The Boy and the Heron – Trailer 2 (English) HD

Fantasy return with Batman star Robert Pattinson is already considered a masterpiece

The Boy and the Heron is about little Mahito (English voice: Luca Padovan), who loses his mother at the time of World War II. His father marries his late wife’s sister, and the family moves to her country house. Mahito is there not only of deep sadness but also plagued by a mysterious gray heron (Pattinson), which opens up a view of a hidden realm.

Miyazaki, who directed such landmark films as Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away, announced his retirement after How the Wind Rises. A short time later he changed his mind and created The Boy and the Heron, a film that was released in Japan is already being enthusiastically celebrated (via Metacritic).

When will The Boy and the Heron come to our cinemas?

Unfortunately, it will still be a few weeks before Miyazaki’s new film is released. The Boy and the Heron is said to be on January 9, 2024 come to the cinema. The German voice actors have not yet been revealed.

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