in the home stretch before the elections, Giorgia Meloni raises her voice

in the home stretch before the elections Giorgia Meloni raises

Less than a week before the legislative elections in Italy, the electoral campaign is heating up. To make a difference, in this last straight line before voting day, the candidates of Ms. Meloni’s party raised their voices, sometimes becoming embarrassing for their leader.

With our correspondent in Rome, Anne Treca

With a good head start on its rivals in the polls, the Fratelli d’Italia party of Giorgia Meloni has a good chance of leading the next government in a coalition of the right.

And to come to power, Giorgia Meloni has gone on the all-out offensive. She attacks all the obstacles like Salvini, her rival in the coalition, her opponents on the left or even the government of Mario Draghi and the European Union.

And in the party, the mobilization is general. His right-hand man accused the Minister of Foreign Affairs of speaking ill of Italy around the world, another of his followers denounced a double game by the Germans on Russian gas, one of his most important candidates questioned question the primacy of Community law over Italian law, which is the basis of what has been the European Union for 60 years.

Meloni, more than ever, promises Italians a sovereign and nationalist future, and some in the party are on fire. A local Sicilian official, a well-placed candidate for a deputy seat, has also slipped. In a Facebook post, he boasted of his admiration for Mussolini, and more so, for Adolf Hitler. A declaration which earned him to be suspended from the party.

An isolated case, but worrying. With her national-populist accents, Giorgia Meloni risks freeing the voices of those nostalgic for fascism.

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