In the headlines: the worst drama in a shipwreck off the coast of Calais

In the headlines the worst drama in a shipwreck off

At least 27 migrants died yesterday as they tried to cross the Channel. And the press is in turmoil. “Chronicle of a dreaded shipwreck” title Today in France. The horror ” for the voice of the North, ” a nightmare “, “France is in shock” says the regional daily. “This drama which gives the Channel an air of the Mediterranean Sea in its most terrible”. “The boat was probably struck by a cargo ship”, details the voice of the North. “Then at 2 p.m., a fisherman sounded the alert », We read in Today in France. “He spots the first bodies …”. “An unprecedented drama off the coast of Calais, tell us The world. “Such an assessment is unprecedented”. The newspaper reporter haunted by this image – “These hearses entering one after the other in the port area of ​​Calais “. “Most of the victims were Kurds, from Iraq or Iran, highlighted The world. Only two survived. “Two shadows in the night dressed in a survival blanket” written on the spot the voice of the North.

A drama which arouses a shock wave in France and Great Britain …

Emmanuel Macron, the first, announces that “France will not let the English Channel become a cemetery “. And yet the Channel is already a cemetery. The voice of the North remember that before this disaster, in the region of Calais, 308 migrants had already died at the border. Drowned, overthrown, crushed, murdered. “But the time for politicians is not to count, but to look for an ideal culprit … the smugglers. “These criminals” for Gérald Darmanin dispatched on site teaches us Le Figaro. At daggers drawn on the migrant file, Paris and London would be on the same wavelength. Bojo, Boris Johnson ready to work with France for “Put an end to these gangs of murderous smugglers” do we read in the world. “Except that there were no smugglers before the border was locked” indicates a researcher in the evening daily. “But our leaders shirk their responsibilities “Gets carried away by François Guennoc in the Northern voice. For years, the president of the migrant hostel has been helping exiles on the spot. “France is blocking the border and forcing the exiles to risk their lives to pass, and the British authorities who have suppressed legal channels and the possibility of family reunification “. Besides, Release notes that a British MP said no less: “We must re-establish safer legal avenues”. “Because this year between 23,000 and 25,000 people reached British soil, underline Libé, this is three times more than in 2020 “. Except that London grants much less asylum. “And by militarizing the border, the authorities are actually pushing people into the arms of the smugglers” ends up denouncing another activist from the migrant hostel in Today in France. “In fact, the phenomenon of the Channel crossings appeared concomitantly with the drying up of passages by truck and with these belts of barbed wire and barriers which never cease to flourish in Calais” concludesThe world.

And it is also becoming militarized in the East

Le Figaro returns to the protection of Europe’s external borders. “More than 1000 km of barriers, the equivalent of six Berlin walls »Says le Figaro in one in a reference to the not-so-trivial story. “The fall of the Wall, epilogue of the cold war, this parenthesis is closed” continues the ultra-conservative newspaper. “These concrete walls, these sharp barbed wire are on the rise again on the border between Poland and Belarus”. “In Latvia we even take the lead”, add Le Figaro, “With 33 km under construction “. “Europe become a fortress but whose walls are no longer taboo” again Le Figaro. Who notes “That 14 EU countries, or more than half of EU member countries support the funding of these walls by the European Union”.

We go from walls to whispers

“They didn’t mind the whispers, but the cascading #MeToo woke the wave up” storm Humanity. The newspaper founded by Jean Jaurès focuses on this saving wave of speech liberation movements in France. “Me # Too Incest, Me # Too Gay, Me # Too theater, Me # Too bar, Me # Too policy, testimonies that move the lines, lead to debates, change the laws, allowed a commission within the Catholic Church, but now » spear Huma. “It is time to train in schools, police stations, courts, offices, because this violence is not a virus but the result of a patriarchal system”