In The Creator, a robot war breaks out with a huge space station that wipes out entire areas of land

In The Creator a robot war breaks out with a

With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Gareth Edwards has delivered one of the most popular Star Wars films ever. The dark prequel to Star Wars tells how the rebels got the plans for the Death Star, with its huge laser destroy entire planets can. In Edward’s latest film, The Creator, such a destruction machine also flies over the surface of a planet.

This time, however, we are not in a galaxy far, far away. The menacing shadow of the space station in The Creator stretches across the earth’s surface, where the population struggles to get by artificial intelligence triggered war divided. The West has rigorously renounced advanced technology, while on the other side of the world, humans and machines coexist.

That’s all it takes for the best sci-fi film of the year.

The Creator is a great sci-fi war film between Steven Spielberg and Apocalypse Now

In the future of The Creator, we meet former soldier Joshua (John David Washington), who more or less voluntarily accepts a mission that could change the course of history forever. He is supposed to find the eponymous Creator, who has created a powerful AI weapon. But as it turns out, this is a child… a Android child.

You can watch the trailer for The Creator here:

The Creator – Teaser Trailer (German) HD

Based on this premise, Edwards tells a dystopian road movie – which also functions as a war film and feels in many ways like the sci-fi version of Apocalypse Now. We penetrate deeper and deeper into one mysterious part of the world where different rules and laws apply. And Edwards is chasing another role model: the science fiction films of Steven Spielberg.

The Spielberg factor is particularly expressed through the relationship that develops between the AI ​​war-torn Joshua and the young Alfie (Madeleine Yuna Voyles). The boundaries between the The real and the artificial blur, not just in terms of appearance and behavior. Director Edwards asks what is really hidden behind the shell and takes it to an emotionally complex level.

Gareth Edwards returns to his roots: The Creator is a sci-fi epic that feels real and new

As easy as it is to divide the world of The Creator into good and evil at first glance, in the end the contradictions outweigh the contradictions. Between Creation and destruction The film tries to find out how equal the AI ​​is to humans and puts Joshua in an impossible situation: although he has every reason not to trust the machines, he develops strong protective instincts towards Alfie.


Madeleine Yuna Voyles as Alphie in The Creator

True love, the film’s original title, comes much closer to the core of the story than the cool term Creator that defines the first half of the film. Edwards looks for the point at which a technological creation can no longer be rationally understood and takes on a life of its own. In a way, he watches the robots with just as much fascination as the monsters from his film debut.

This debut, Monsters (2010), turned out, contrary to all expectations, to be a tender love story between powerful genre elements of sci-fi and horror films. Edwards is also in The Creator Look for unlikely moments, which allow us to discover the presented vision of the future from different perspectives. And this world feels gigantic and incredibly real.

Pure science fiction: The Creator invites us to linger in a (dark) vision of the future

Edwards presents The Creator with images that look as if they had been recovered from a theater of war like cinematic documents. The next moment he only catches them Mood of a place through the light and the looks of the (human and artificial) figures. Although the film builds toward a banging finale, it spends most of its time simply lingering in the environment.


John David Washington as Joshua in The Creator

The Creator passes by breathtaking landscapes in which nature thrives larger than life building structures united. Rays of sunlight break through the fog of war and a robot rides bananas around on a bicycle. Every time we look out the window in The Creator cinema vehicle, a new sci-fi fascination is revealed in which one can sink into thought.

Not a franchise, but one of those rare sci-fi blockbusters that awaken the longing to lose yourself in original future worlds. Edwards doesn’t fundamentally rethink the genre, but he delves into it with a devotion Designs, ideas and emotionsthat captivate you until the last second. You never know where this film will stop next on its journey into the heart of darkness.

The Creator starts tomorrow, on September 28, 2023in German cinemas.

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