In Sudan, the process of political transition is advancing, not without resistance

In Sudan the process of political transition is advancing not

A committee responsible for drafting the final political agreement between the opposition and the military held its first meeting on Thursday. The next steps are a Constitution and the appointment of a Prime Minister.

On paper, everything is ready. The mixed committee, made up of eleven members, including a representative of the army and a delegate from the paramilitary forces of number 2 of the junta, General Hemedtigot to work on Thursday at the presidential palace in Khartoum.

This committee is tasked with drafting a “final agreement” by April 1. This text should contain, according to a spokesperson for the opposition, the framework agreement signed in December, but increased by new provisions and clarifications on the transition. On April 6, according to Khalid Omer Yousef, a “ constitutional declaration was to be proposed. And on April 11, the name of a Prime Minister should be announced, as well as his government team.

But here it is: the resistance committees, spearheads of popular mobilization, still refuse any compromise with the putschists and continue the demonstrations, still violently repressed. And two armed groups of weight, that of Darfouri Minni Minawi and Zaghawa Gibril Ibrahim, refused to join the political process, whereas today they occupy official posts.

Asked about Al-Jazeera on this issue, the influential opponent Yassir Arman replied that the 2020 Juba agreement signed with them was not in question. But that their future functions would be the responsibility of the new head of government.